The United States Navy, January 1, 1866
During the Civil War, the United States Navy grew to be one of the largest naval forces in the world, and was at the forefront of developing new
naval technology. However, in keeping with American tradition, the nation demobilized rapidly after the war, and soon fell far behind other powers
(and non-powers) in terms of naval strength and effectiveness. In 1866, what would become over 15 years of stagnation was just beginning, and
the Navy still retained some of its wartime resources. More relevant to some, it retained an enlarged officer corps which, when coupled with the
concept of promotion by seniority rather than merit, would lead to a glacial climb "up the ladder" for veterans of the recent fighting.

This Navy was almost entirely an Eastern Seaboard/Atlantic Force, with the exception of a few far-flung squadrons.

Major Squadrons
*Other Vessels

Navy Department
*Shore Stations

Flag Officers, Active and Retired
*Captains on Active Duty

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