Royal Navy Flag Officers, December 1, 1937
The following is a list of the flag officers (of the line) of the Royal Navy in December 1937. I have not included the list of honors each officer received, but have included appropriate title
for those knighted or ennobled. Officers marked with an asterisk (*) are honorary officers - all are foreign royalty. My source is the Navy List published as of this date.

Admiral of the Fleet King George VI
Admiral of the Fleet Sir Frederick L. Field
Admiral of the Fleet Sir Reginald Y. Tyrwhitt, Bt.
Admiral of the Fleet Lord Chatfield
Admiral of the Fleet HRH the Duke of Windsor

Admiral the Earl of Cork and Orrey
Admiral Sir Frederic C. Dreyer
Admiral Sir Roger R. C. Backhouse
Admiral Sir Alfred Dudley Pound
Admiral the Hon. Sir Reginald Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax
Admiral Sir Martin Dunbar Nasmith
Admiral the Hon. Sir. Matthew R. Best
Admiral Sir Edward R. G. R. Evans
Admiral Sir Charles M. Forbes
Admiral Sir Charles J. C. Little

Vice-Admiral Sir William M. James
Vice-Admiral Sir Reginald G. H. Henderson
Vice-Admiral Sir Wilfred F. French
Vice-Admiral Sir Ragnar M. Colvin
Vice-Admiral Sir Frank F. Rose
Vice-Admiral Sir Percy L. H. Noble
Vice-Admiral Sir Henry J. S. Brownrigg
Vice-Admiral Sir Francis L. Tottenham
Vice-Admiral Sidney R. Bailey
Vice-Admiral Sir Geoffrey Blake
Vice-Admiral Arthur E. F. Bedford
Vice-Admiral The Hon. Sir Alexander R. M. Ransay
Vice-Admiral Sidney J. Meyrick
Vice-Admiral Sir Gerald C. Dickens
Vice-Admiral Sir Dudley B. N. North
Vice-Admiral Noel F. Laurence
Vice-Admiral Andrew B. Cunningham
Vice-Admiral Max. K. Horton
Vice-Admiral Wilbraham T. R. Ford
Vice-Admiral Charles E. Kennedy-Purvis
Vice-Admiral James F. Somerville

Rear Admiral Clinton F. S. Danby
Rear Admiral Lewis G. E. Crabbe
Rear Admiral Charles G. Ramsey
Rear Admiral Robert C. Davenport
Rear Admiral Thomas H. Binney
Rear Admiral George H. D. Lyon
Rear Admiral Thomas F. P. Calvert
Rear Admiral James A. G. Troup
Rear Admiral Geoffrey Layton
Rear Admiral John A. Edgell
Rear Admiral Lachlan D. I. MacKinnon
Rear Admiral Richard O. Lane-Poole
Rear Admiral Bertram H. Ramsay
Rear Admiral Guy C. C. Royle
Rear Admiral Robert H. T. Raikes
Rear Admiral John C. Tovey
Rear Admiral Robert R. Turner
Rear Admiral George F. B. Edward-Collins
Rear Admiral Francis T. B. Tower
Rear Admiral Alfred E. Evans
Rear Admiral John H. D. Cunningham
Rear Admiral Herbert Fitzherbert
Rear Admiral Evelyn C. O. Thomson
Rear Admiral Lionel V. Wells
Rear Admiral Ralph Leatham
Rear Admiral Stephen St. L. Moore
Rear Admiral Wilfred N. Custance
Rear Admiral Reginald V. Holt
Rear Admiral the Hon Edmund R. Drummond
Rear Admiral William J. Whitworth
Rear Admiral Bertram C. Watson
Rear Admiral Arthur N. Dowding
Rear Admiral Geoffrey S. Arbuthnot
Rear Admiral Norman A. Wodehouse

Admiral HM King Haakon VII of Norway*
Admiral HM King Gustavus V of Sweden*
Admiral HM King Christian X of Denmark*

Lt. HRH Prince Nicolas of Romania*
Lt. HRH Prince Charles of Belgium*
Lt. HRH Prince Juan*
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Duty Station

First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff

C-in-C Portsmouth; 1st & Principle Naval ADC to the King
C-in-C, Home Fleet
C-in-C, Mediterranean
C-in-C, Plymouth
Second Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Personnel
C-in-C, The Nore
C-in-C, China Station

Deputy Chief of Naval Staff
Third Sea Lord and Controller
Lent to government of Australia as 1st Naval Member Commonwealth Naval Board
Admiral Commanding Reserves
C-in-C, Africa Station
Pres. RN College and VADM Commanding RN War College
C-in-C, East Indies
C-in-C, America and West Indies Station
VADM Commanding HM Yachts; Naval ADC to the King
VADM Commanding Battle Cruiser Squadron & 2nd-in-Command Mediterranean Fleet
VADM Commanding Reserve Fleet
VADM-in-Charge, Malta & Admiral Superintendent HM Dockyard Malta
VADM Commanding 1st Cruiser Squadron
VADM (D) Commanding Destroyer Flotillas, Mediterranean Fleet

Admiral Superintendent HM Dockyard Chatham
RADM and Senior Naval Officer, Yangtze
RADM, 1st Battle Squadron
RADM Commanding 2nd Cruiser Squadron
Director of Naval Intelligence Division, Admiralty Naval Staff
Hydrographer of the Navy
RADM 2nd Battle Squadron
RADM Commanding HM Australian Squadron
Rear Admiral, Aircraft Carriers
Rear Admiral (Submarines)
Admiral Superintendent HM Dockyard Portsmouth
Chief of Staff to C-in-C Mediterranean
Director of Naval Equipment
RADM-in-Charge and Admiral Superintendent HM Dockyard Gibraltar
Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Air)
Lent to government of India as Flag Officer Commanding Royal Indian Navy
Rear Admiral and Commanding Officer Coast of Scotland
RADM Commanding 3rd Cruiser Squadron
Lent to New Zealand Dvision
Naval Secretary to the First Lord of the Admiralty
Fourth Sea Lord and Chief of Supplies and Transport