The Royal Navy, December 1, 1937
I am primarily interested in the US Navy but, having acquired a copy of the RN's "Navy List" from December 1937, I felt I could not pass up the opportunity to add to my postings on
the Royal Navy.

In 1937 Britain, along with the rest of what would become the Allied Powers of World War II, suffered from the effects of the worldwide Depression, coupled with an overwhelming
desire to avoid a repetition of the Great War this led to the policy of appeasement pursued by the government until 1938. As a result, the Royal Navy lagged behind Germany in
modernizing its forces, though it still possessed a force much more powerful than the Kriegsmarine. The information provided here offers a snapshot of the Royal Navy less than
two years before it was once again involved in a world war.

Eventually, I hope to provide the same level of coverage as I have done for the US Navy at various points of its history, but for now I will be focusing on the forces afloat rather than
the shore establishment. Since I am not an expert on the RN, there is a chance I may misread info from the Navy List - if you spot an error please contact me to let me know.

Home Fleet
Mediterranean Fleet
Foreign Stations
Royal Australian Navy
Royal Canadian Navy
Fisheries Protection
Local Defense Forces
Reserve Forces
Miscellaneous Service
Royal Indian Navy


List of Admirals

Honorary Distinctions

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Cruiser HMS Apollo, later HMAS Hobart, on a visit to Miami in early 1938  Photo from the
Naval History and Heritage Command  On-Line Library.
As far as I know, this photo is in the public domain.