DECEMBER 1, 1943
During WWII each command had to submit a monthly War Diary detailing its activities.  Many of these diaries are available online at Fold3.com and I have made use of
them as source material on this website where appropriate.  There are War Diaries available for CINCPAC which include "snapshots" of the administrative and operation
organization of the Pacific Fleet -this organizational breakdown serves as the source for this page which was randomly selected from those available.  Note that there is
duplication of forces in some respects as units listed in Third Fleet are also listed in Fifth Fleet, for example, based on operations during the invasion of locations in the
Gilbert Islands. The War Diary does not include many commanding officers but I have inserted those I am aware of based on other source material.
Basic Organization of the United States Fleet

Pacific Fleet

First Fleet
Task Forces 10 through 19 - Major Pacific Fleet independent and type task forces

Third Fleet
Task Forces 30 through 39 - South Pacific Force

Fifth Fleet
Central Pacific Force

Ninth Fleet
Task Forces 90 through 94 - North Pacific Force
Task Force 97 - Hawaiian Sea Frontier
Task Force 98 - Hawaiian Department

Other Task Force designations reserved for CINCPAC

Atlantic Fleet

Second Fleet
Task Forces 20 through 29 - Assigned to CINCLANT

Fourth Fleet
Task Forces 40 through 49 - South Atlantic Force

Sixth Fleet
Task Forces 60 through 69 - Central and North Atlantic Task Forces

Directly Under Commander-in-Chief, US Fleet

US Fleet
Task Forces 00 and 01- Cominch
Task Force 02 - Eastern Sea Frontier
Task Force 03 - Gulf Sea Frontier
Task Force 04 - Caribbean Sea Frontier
Task Force 05 - Panama Sea Frontier
Task Forces 08 and 09 - Blank

Seventh Fleet
Task Forces 70 through 79 - Southwest Pacific Force

Eighth Fleet
Task Forces 80 through 89 - Northwest Africa Force

Tenth Fleet
Anti-Submarine Operations in Atlantic

Eleventh Fleet
Task Forces 110 through 112 - Blank
Task Force 113 - Southeast Pacific Force
Task Force 114 - Naval Transportation Service
Task Force 115 - Blank
Task Force 116 - Western Sea Frontier
Task Force 117 - Northwest Sea Frontier
Task Forces 118 and 119- Blank

Twelfth Fleet
US Naval Forces in Europe
Units Operating directly under CINCPAC or under Type Commanders:
BatDiv2 - Rear Admiral H. F. Kingman

TENNESSEE (BB-43) (F) - Capt. R. S. Haggart
PENNSYLVANIA (BB-38) - Capt. W. A. Corn
CALIFORNIA (BB-44) - Capt. H. P. Burnett ?

BatDiv 3 - Rear Admiral R. M. Griffin

NEW MEXICO (BB-40) (F) - Capt. E. M. Zacharias
IDAHO (BB-42) - Capt. H. D. Clarke
MISSISSIPPI (BB-41) - Capt. L. L. Hunter

BatDiv 4

MARYLAND (BB-46) (F) -
Capt. C. H. Jones
COLORADO (BB-45) - Capt. W. Granat
CruDiv 4 - Rear Admiral C. H. Wright

LOUISVILLE (CA-28) - Cmdr. G. C. Towner
PORTLAND (CA-33) - Capt. A. D. Burhans
INDIANAPOLIS (CA-35) - Capt. E. R. Johnson

CruDiv 5 - Rear Admiral E. G. Small

CHESTER (CA-27) (F) - Capt. F. T. Spellman
PENSACOLA (CA-24) - Capt. R. E. Dees
SALT LAKE CITY (CA-25) - Capt. L.W. Busbey, Jr.
CarDiv 13

Capt. W. M. Dillon

CarDiv 22 - Rear Admiral V. H. Ragsdale

SANGAMON (CVE-26) (F) - Capt. E. D. Moore
SUWANNEE (CVE-27) - Capt. F. W. McMahon
CHENANGO (CVE-28) - Capt. D. Ketcham

CarDiv 23

Capt. S. J. Michael
BARNES (CVE-20) - Capt. G. A. Dussault

CarDiv 24 - Capt. R. L. Bowman

CORAL SEA (CVE-57) - Capt. H. W. Taylor
CORREGIDOR (CVE-58) - Capt. R.L. Bowman
MANILA BAY (CVE-61) - Capt. B. L. Braun
Capt. H. L. Meadow
CarDiv 1

ESSEX (CV-9) -
Capt. R. A. Ofstie
SARATOGA (CV-3) - Capt. J. H. Cassady

CarDiv 3 - Rear Admiral C. A. Pownall

YORKTOWN (CV-10) (F) - Capt. J. J. Clark
LEXINGTON (CV-16) - Capt. F. B. Stump

CarDiv 4

Capt. T. L. Sprague

CarDiv 11 - Rear Admiral A. W. Radford

INDEPENDENCE (CVL-22) - Capt. R. L. Johnson
PRINCETON (CVL-23) - Capt. G. R. Henderson

CarDiv 12 - Rear Admiral A. E. Montgomery

BELLEAU WOOD (CVL-24) - Capt. A. M. Pride
COWPENS (CVL-25) - Capt. R. P. McConnell
CABOT (CVL-28) - Capt. M. F. Schoeffel
CruDiv 11 - Rear Admiral L. J. Wiltse

SAN DIEGO (CL-53) (F) - Capt. L. J. Hudson
SAN JUAN (CL-54) - Capt. G. W. Clark
OAKLAND (CL-95) - Capt. W. K. Phillips

CruDiv 13 - Rear Admiral L. T. Du Bose

SANTA FE (CL-60) (F) - Capt. R. S. Berkey
BIRMINGHAM (CL-62) - Capt. T. B. Inglis
MOBILE (CL-63) - Capt. C. J. Wheeler
BILOXI (CL-80) - Capt. D. M. McCurl
CruDiv 6 - Rear Admiral Robert C. Giffen

MINNEAPOLIS (CA-36) (F) - Capt. R. W. Bates
NEW ORLEANS (CA-32) - Capt. S. R. Shumaker
SAN FRANCISCO (CA-38) - Capt. A. F. France
WICHITA (CA-45) - Capt. J. J. Mahoney

CruDiv 10 - Rear Admiral H. Thebaud ?

BALTIMORE (CA-68) - Capt. W. C. Calhoun
BOSTON (CA-69) - Capt. J. H. Carson
DesRon 1 - Capt. R. E. Libby

DesDiv 1 - Capt. R. E. Libby
PHELPS (DD-360) (F) - Cmdr. J. E. Edwards
DEWEY (DD-349) - Cmdr. J. P. Canty
HULL (DD-350) - Cmdr. A. L. Young, Jr.
Cmdr. J.W. Ramey

DesDiv 2 - Cmdr. I. H. Nunn
FARRAGUT (DD-348) (F) - Lt. Cmdr. E. F. Ferguson
MONAGHAN (DD-354) - Cmdr. P. H. Horn
DALE (DD-353) - Lt. Cmdr. C. W. Aldrich
AYLWIN (DD-355) - Cmdr. R. O. Strange

DesRon 2 - Capt. E. A. Solomons

DesDiv 3
MORRIS (DD-417) (F) -
Cmdr. F. T. Williamson
ANDERSON (DD-411) - Cmdr. J. G. Tennent, 3rd
HUGHES (DD-410) - Lt. Cmdr. E. B. Rittenhouse

DesDiv 4
MUSTIN (DD-413) -
Cmdr. M. M. Riker
RUSSELL (DD-414) (F) - Cmdr. W. H. McClain
ELLET (DD-398) - Cmdr. T. C. Phifer
DesRon 50 - Capt. S. R. Clark

DesDiv 99
C. K. BRONSON (DD-668) (F) -
Cmdr. W. S. Veeder
COTTEN (DD-669) - Lt. Cmdr. F. T. Sloat
DORTCH (DD-670) - Cmdr. R. C. Young
GATLING (DD-671) - Cmdr. A. F. Richardson
HEALY (DD-672) - Cmdr. J. C. Atkeson

DesDiv 100
COGSWELL (DD-651) (F) -
Cmdr. H. T. Deutermann
CAPERTON (DD-650) - Cmdr. W. J. Miller
INGERSOLL (DD-652) - Cmdr. A. C. Veasey
KNAPP (DD-653) - Cmdr. F. Virden

DesRon 52 - Capt. G. R. Cooper

DesDiv 103 - Capt. G. R. Cooper
OWEN (DD-536) (F) - Cmdr. R. W. Wood
MILLER (DD-535) - Cmdr. T. H. Kobey
THE SULLIVANS (DD-537) - Cmdr. K. M. Gentry
STEPHEN POTTER (DD-538) - Cmdr. C. H. Crichton
TINGEY (DD-539) - Cmdr. J. O. Miner

DesDiv 104 - Cmdr. Bell
HICKOX (DD-673) -
Cmdr. W. M. Sweetser
HUNT (DD-674) - Cmdr. F. P. Mitchell
LEWIS HANCOCK (DD-675) - Cmdr. C. H. Lyman
DesRon 21 - Cmdr. A. D. Chandler

DesDiv 41 - Cmdr. A. D. Chandler
NICHOLAS (DD-449) (F) - Lt. Cmdr. A. J. Hill
O'BANNON (DD-450) - Cmdr. D. J. MacDonald
TAYLOR (DD-468) - Cmdr. B. Katz

DesDiv 42
FLETCHER (DD-445) (F) -
Cmdr. R. D. McGinnis
RADFORD (DD-446) - Cmdr. G. E. Griggs
JENKINS (DD-447) - Lt. Cmdr. M. Hall, Jr.
LAVALLETTE (DD-448) - Cmdr. R. L. Taylor

DesRon 25 - Capt. E. M. Thompson

DesDiv 49
STEVENS (DD-479) (F) -
Lt. Cmdr. W. M. Rakow
HARRISON (DD-573) - Cmdr. C. M. Dalton
JOHN RODGERS (DD-574) - H. O. Parish
McKEE (DD-575) - Cmdr. J. J. Greytak
MURRAY (DD-576) - Cmdr. P. R. Anderson

DesDiv 50 - Cmdr. H. Crommelin
RINGGOLD (DD-500) (F) - Cmdr. T. F. Conley, Jr
SCHROEDER (DD-501) - Cmdr. J.T Bowers, Jr.
SIGSBEE (DD-502) - Cmdr. B. V. Russell
DASHIELL (DD-659) - Cmdr. J. B. McLean
DesRon 47 - Capt. A. G. Cook, Jr
HOEL (DD-533) (temp F) - Cmdr. W. D. Thomas

DesDiv 93 - Capt. A. G. Cook, Jr.
McCORD (DD-534) (F) - W. T. Kenny
TRATHEN (DD-530) - Cmdr. A. J. Greenacre
HAZELWOOD (DD-531) - Cmdr. H. Wood, Jr.
HEERMAN (DD-532) - Cmdr. D. M. Agnew

DesDiv 94 - Capt. R. F. Stout
HAGGARD (DD-555) (F) - Cmdr. D.A. Harris
FRANKS (DD-554) - Cmdr. N.A Lidstone
HAILEY (DD-556) - Cmdr. P. H. Brady

DesRon 48 - Capt. J. T. Bottom

DesDiv 95
ERBEN (DD-631) -
Cmdr. J. H. Nevins, Jr.
HALE (DD-642) - Cmdr. K.F. Poehlmann
WALKER (DD-517) - Cmdr. H. E. Townsend
ABBOT (DD-629) - Lt. Cmdr. M. E. Dornin
STEMBEL (DD-644) - Cmdr. T. H. Tonseth

DesDiv 96 - Cmdr. C. E. Carroll
BULLARD (DD-660) (F) - Cmdr. B. W. Freund
KIDD (DD-661) - Cmdr. A. Roby
BLACK (DD-666) - J. Maginnis
CHAUNCEY (DD-667) - Lt. Cmdr. L. C. Conwell
DesRon 53 - Cmdr. H. B. Jarrett (12/4/43)

DesDiv 105 - Cmdr. H. B. Jarrett (12/4/43)
COLAHAN (DD-668) (F) - Cmdr. D. T. Wilber

DesRon 54 - Capt. J. C. Coward
REMEY (DD-688) (F) - Cmdr. R. P. Fiala
DesRon 6 - J. M. Higgins

DesDiv 11
MAURY (DD-401) -
Lt. Cmdr. J. W. Koenig
McCALL (DD-400) - Cmdr. E. L. Foster
CRAVEN (DD-382) - Lt. Cmdr. R. L. Fulton
GRIDLEY (DD-380) - Cmdr. J. H. Motes

DesRon 14 - Capt. Wyatt Craig

DesDiv 27 - Capt. Wyatt Craig
BAILEY (DD-492) (F) - Cmdr. M. T. Munger
FRAZIER (DD-607) - Cmdr. E.M. Brown
GANZEVOORT (DD-608) - Lt. Cmdr. J. M. Steinbeck
MEADE (DD-602) - Cmdr. J. Munholland

DesDiv 28 - Cmdr. E. L. Beck
BANCROFT (DD-598) - Cmdr. R. M. Pitts
CALDWELL (DD-605) - Cmdr. H. A. Lincoln
COGHLAN (DD-606) - Lt. Cmdr. B. B. Cheatham
EDWARDS (DD-619) - Cmdr. P. G. Osler
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Units Operating Directly Under CINCPAC
CALIFORNIA (BB-44) - Capt. H. P. Burnett?
CABOT (CVL-28) - Capt. M. F. Schoeffel
LOUISVILLE (CA-28) - Cmdr. G. C. Towner
WICHITA (CA-45) - Capt. J. J. Mahoney
DesDiv 4
ELLET (DD-398) -
Cmdr. M. M. Riker
BELL (DD-587) - Cmdr. L. C. Petross
OWEN (DD-536) - Cmdr. R. W. Wood
MCCORD (DD-534) - W. T. Kenny
CRAVEN (DD-382) - Lt. Cmdr. R. L. Fulton
McCALL (DD-400) - Cmdr. E. L. Foster
O'BANNON (DD-450) - Cmdr. D. J. MacDonald
Task Forces Ten and Eleven - Reserved for Specific Tasks
Task Force Twelve - Units operating directly under CINCPAC while in transit, on special missions, etc. Detailed organization in daily disposition.

Task Force Thirteen - Amphibious Training Command, Pacific Fleet (Based at San Diego, CA) - Rear Admiral Davis

TG 13.1, 13.2, 13.3, 13.4 - Reserved for assignment

TG 13.5 - Amphibious Training Base, Coronado, CA - Captain C. E. Voegeli
TU 13.5.1 - Landing Craft School, Amphibious Training Command, Pacific Fleet - Captain C. E. Veogeli
TU 13.5.2 - Boat Basin Detachment, Landing Craft School, Amphibious Training Command, Pacific Fleet, Camp Pendleton, CA - Lt. Comdr. P. G. Laferty USNR
TU 13.5.3 - Naval Landing Force Equipment Depot, Destroyer Base, San Diego, CA - Captain M. B. DeMott (Additional Duty)

TG 13.6 - Communication School, Amphibious Training Command, Pacific Fleet, Camp Pendleton, CA - Comdr. B. B. Wilson, Jr.

TG 13.7 - Acorn Training Detachment, Amphibious Training Command, Pacific Fleet, Port Hueneme, CA - Comdr. M. B. Gurney

TG 13.8 - Troop Training Unit, Amphibious Training Command, Pacific Fleet, Camp Elliott, San Diego, CA - Brig. Gen. H. K. Pickett USMC

TG 13.9 - Ship Training and Maintenance
TU 13.9.1 - APA's, AKA's, Training Unit
TU 13.9.2 - LST's, LCI's, LCT's, Training Unit
TU 13.9.3 - Miscellaneous Types, Training Unit
TU 13.9.4 - Shore Bombardment, Trainign Unit
TU 13.9.5 - Maintenance and Supply Representative, Amphibious Training Command, pacific Fleet - San Francisco Area - Lt. Comdr. J. W. Bantau, USNR

Task Force Fifteen - Destroyers Pacific Fleet - Rear Admiral M. S. Tisdale

Task Force Sixteen - Service Force, Pacific Fleet - Vice Admiral Calhoun

(1) Service Units Operating independently under administrative Control of Service Force
TG 16.18 and 16.19 - Commander Service Squadron Four

(2) Central Pacific Ocean Escorts Escort forces consist primarily of anti-submarine vessels of various types which may be fortuitously available.
GREINER (DE-37) - Lt. Cmdr. F. S. Dowd, USNR
DEMPSEY (DE-26) - Lt. Cmdr. H. A. Barnard, Jr.
DUFFY (DE-27) - Cmdr. C. A. Parkinson, USNR
WINTLE (DE-25) - Lt. Cmdr. L. S. Bailey, USNR
LONG (DMS-12) - Lt. Cmdr. R. V. Wheeler, Jr.
MARTIN (DE-30) - Lt. P. E. Warfield, USNR
SEDERSTROM (DE-31) - Lt. Cmdr. L. M. King, USNR
PREBLE (DM-20) - Lt. Cmdr. F. S. Streinke
PERRY (DMS-17) - Lt. I. G. Stubbart
MONTGOMERY (DM-17) - Lt. Cmdr. E. H. Inman, USNR
CLOUES (DE-265) - Lt. Cmdr. T. K. Dunstan, USNR
STATDFIELD (DE-29) - Lt. Cmdr. S. Hansen, USNR
EMERY (DE-28) - Lt. Cmdr. R. G. Coburn, USNR
SANDERS (DE-40) - Lt. Cmdr. A. N. Daniels, USNR
DEEDE (DE-263) - Lt. Cmdr. J. W. Whaley
NOA (APD-24) - H. W. Boud
MANLEY (APD-1) - Lt. R. T. Newell, Jr., USNR
HARMON (DE-678) - Lt. Cmdr. K. E. Read
FLEMING (DE-32) - Lt. Cmdr. R. J. Toner, USNR
LOVERING (DE-39) - Cmdr. H. Rawle, USNR
DIONNE (DE-261) - Lt. F. E. Lawton, USNR
CABANA (DE-260) - Lt. Cmdr. R. L. Bence, USNR
ELDEN (DE-264) - Lt. Cmdr. G. F. Adams, USNR
CANFIELD (DE-262) - Cmdr. J. B. Cleland, Jr., USNR
WYMAN (DE-38) - Lt. Cmdr. R. W. Copeland, USNR
Task Force Seventeen - Submarines - Vice Admiral Lockwood
Operational Control - CINCPAC through ComSubPac
Bases at - Pearl Harbor

TG 17.1 - Empire Patrol

TG 17.2 - Mandate Patrol

TG 17.3 - Miscellaneous Operating group

TG 17.4 - SUNDRON FOUR - Independent operations and training

TG 17.5 - Subordinate Command, Midway

TG 17.6 - SUBRON EIGHT - Independent operations and training

TG 17.7 - SUBRON TEN - Independent operations and training

TG 17.8 - San Francisco Training Group - SubDiv 52 at San Diego

TG 17.9 - San Diego Training Group - S-44, S-43, S-46

Submarine in port and Prospective readiness dates
Pearl Harbor

Lt. Cmdr. G. W. Kehl
BARB (SS-220) 12/2 - Cmdr. J. R. Waterman
BATFISH (SS-310) 12/11 - Lt. Cmdr. W. R. Merrill
DARTER (SS-227) 12/18 - Cmdr. W. S. Stovall, Jr.
DOLPHIN (SS-169) 12/31 - Lt. Cmdr. E. R. Hannon
FINBACK (SS-230) - Lt. Cmdr. J. A. Tyree, Jr.
GAR (SS-206) - Lt. Cmdr. G. W. Lautrup, Jr.
GREENLING (SS-213) - Lt. Cmdr. J. D. Grant
HADDO (SS-255) - Cmdr. J. Corbus
HADDOCK (SS-231) 12/13 - Lt. Cmdr, R. M. Davenport
HALIBUT (SS-232) 12/11 - Cmdr. I. J. Gallatin
HARDER (SS-257) - Cmdr. S. D. Dealey
PERMIT (SS-178) - Lt. Cmdr. C. L. Bennett
POLLACK (SS-180) 1/20 - Cmdr. B. E. Lewellen
SALMON (SS-182) 12/11 - Cmdr. N. J. Nicholas
SEADRAGON (SS-194) 12/10 - Cmdr. R. L. Rutter
SEAWOLF (SS-197) 12/19 - Lt. Cmdr. R. L. Gross
SHAD (SS-235) - Cmdr. E. J. MacGregor III
SILVERSIDES (SS-236) - Cmdr. J. S. Coye, Jr.
STEELHEAD (SS-280) - Cmdr. D. L. Whelchel
SKIPJACK (SS-184) 12/5 - Lt. Cmdr. G. G. Molumphy
STURGEON (SS-187) 12/10 - Lt. Cmdr. C. L. Murphy, Jr.
TARPON (SS-175) 12/4 - Lt. Cmdr. T. B. Oakley
TULLIBEE (SS-284) 12/13 - Cmdr. C. F. Brindupke
WHALE (SS-239) - Cmdr. A. C. Burrows
Mare Island

TAMBOR (SS-198) -
Lt. Cmdr. R. Kefauver
JACK (SS-259) - Cmdr. T. W. Dykers
GROUPER (SS-214) - Cmdr. F. H. Wahlig
HOE (SS-258) - Cmdr. V. B. McCrea
TUNNY (SS-282) - Cmdr. J. A. Scott
TROUT (SS-202) - Lt. Cmdr. A. H. Clark
LAPON (SS-260) - Cmdr. L. T. Stone
GROWLER (SS-215) - Lt. Cmdr. A. F. Schade
MINGO (SS-261) - Cmdr. R. C. Lynch, Jr.


Lt. Cmdr. O. J. Earle
FLYING FISH (SS-229) 11/30 - Cmdr. R. D. Risser
GRAYBACK (SS-208) 12/2 - Lt. Cmdr. J. A. Moore
CERO (SS-225) 12/8 - Lt. Cmdr. E. F. Dissette
TAUTOG (SS-199) 12/10 - Cmdr. W. B. Sieglaff
SAURY (SS-189) - Cmdr. A. H. Dropp

BEAVER (AS-5) - NorPac -
Cmdr. H. L. Clark
HOLLAND (AS-3) - Pearl - Capt. P. E. Pendleton
ORTOLAN (ASR-) - Temp duty SoPac - Lt. A. D. Holland
GRIFFIN (AS-13) - Pearl - Cmdr. W. T. Thorp
BUSHNELL (AS-) - Midway - Capt. C. T. Bonney
SPERRY (AS-12) - Pearl - Capt. R. E. Blue
SEAGULL (AT-141) - Pearl - Lt. F. L. Van Camp
WIDGEON (ASR-1) - San Francisco - Lt. C. W. Engler
GREENLET (ASR-10) Midway - Cmdr. F. W. Laing
MACAW (ASR-11) - Pearl - Lt. Cmdr. P. W. Burton
FLORIKAN (ASR-9) - Pearl - Cmdr. G. A. Sharp
Task Force Eighteen - Reserved for specific tasks

Task Force Nineteen - Vice Admiral Towers

Air Force, Pacific

TG 19.1 - Fleet Air Detachment, Midway

TG 19.2 - Fleet Air Detachment, Canton

TG 19.3 - Fleet Air Detachment, Johnston island

TG 19.4 - Fleet Air Detachment, Palmyra

TG 19.5 - Fleet Air Detachment, Pearl Harbor

TG 19.6 - Fleet Air Detachment, Maui

TG 19.7 - Fleet Air Detachment, Barber's Point

TG 19.8 - Fleet Air, West Coast, including auxiliary carriers and escorts assigned
Lt. Cmdr. J. A. Pridmore

TG 19.9 - Units operating directly under ComAirPac
TU 19.9.2 - ALTAMAHA (CVE-18) -
Capt. A. C. Olney
TU 19.9.4 - COPAHEE (CVE-12) - Capt. R. B. Jennings

TG 19.10 - Fleet Air Wing Two

TG 19.11 - Units operating under Comairwingsopac

TG 19.12 - Tenders and Escorts operating under ComAirPac
TU 19.12.2 - POCOMOKE (AV-9) -
Capt. C. S. Smiley
TU 19.12.5 - KITTYHAWK (AKV-1) Cmdr. J. W. Windle, USNR
TU 19.12.9 - MacFARLAND (AVD-14) - E. G. Gardner, Jr.

TG 19.13 - (HQ at Barbers Point for training units concerned Amphibious operations) - Captain J. R. Tate
Fightron 1
Acorn 14 -
Cmdr. E. C. B. Gould
CASU 17 - Lt. Cmdr. W. H. Ginn, USNR

TG 19.14 - (HQ at Barbers Point for training units concerned Amphibious operations) -
Captain W. P. Cogswell
Acorn 16 - Lt. Cmdr. T. D. Southworth, USNR (as of 12/3)
CASU 18 -
Lt. H. S. French, USNR (as of 12/3)

TG 19.17 - Headquarters Ford Island -
Captain H. B. Sallada
Air Units to be assigned
South Pacific Force - Admiral Halsey
Task Force Thirty One - Rear Admiral Wilkinson
(Organized for special combat duty with Headquarters at Koli Point. Organization carried in detail in daily disposition).

TU 31.1.3 - 8th Echelon
WALLER (DD-466) -
Lt. Cmdr. W. T. Dutton
SAUFLEY (DD-465) - Cmdr. B. F. Brown
LST-71 - Lt. F. E. Miner, USCGR
LST-46 (?)
LST-166 -
F. B.  Bradley
SC-1266 - Lt. T. L. Hallett, USNR
APc-33 - Lt. J. E. Locke, USNR

TG 31.2
CONWAY (DD-507) -
Lt. Cmdr. H. G. Bowen, Jr.
EATON (DD-510) - Lt, Cmdr, E. F. Jackson
SIGOURNEY (DD-643) - Cmdr. W. L. Dyer
WADSWORTH (DD-516) - Cmdr. J. F. Walsh
TERRY (DD-513) Cmdr. G. R. Phelan
FULLAM (DD-474) - Cmdr. W. D. Kelly
BENNETT (DD-473) - Lt. Cmdr. P. F. Hauck
BRAINE (DD-630) - Cmdr. J. F. Newman, Jr.
RENSHAW (DD-499) - Cmdr. J. A. Lark

Service Units

TG 31.3

LST Flotilla 5
LST Flotilla 6
LCT Flotilla 5
LCI Flotilla 5
APc Flotilla 5
Russels MTBRon (12 PTs)

TG 31.6 - 9th Echelon
Guadalcanal Section
LST-334 (temp F for LST Group 1 -
Cmdr. R. W. La Jeunesse) - Lt. C. J. Hawkins, USNR
LST-390 - J. J. P. O'Brien, Jr.
LST-397 - Lt. N. L. Lewis, USNR
LST-398 - D. D. Williams
LST-446 - Lt. J. C. Adams, USNR
LST-447 - Lt. E. L. Jungerheld, USNR
LST-449 - L. Lisle
LST-472 - Lt. W. O. Talley
FULLAM (from TG 31.2)
GUEST (DD-472) -
Lt. Cmdr. E. K. McLaren
BENNETT (DD-473) (from TG.31.2)
TERRY (from TG 31.2)
Vella Section
LCI-64 -
Lt. H. L. Kelly, USNR
LCI-222 - Lt. (j.g.) L. L. Sheldon
LCI-332 -
Lt. H. J. Happel, USNR
BRAINE (DD-630) (from TG 31.2)
RENSHAW (DD-499) (from TG 31.2)

Task Force Thirty Two - 3rd Amphibious Force - Rear Admiral Wilkinson

TG 32.1 - Transport - Captain Reifsnider
TransDiv 2 - Capt. A. B. Anderson
PRESIDENT JACKSON (APA-18) (F) - Capt. E. P. Abernathy
PRESIDENT HAYES (APA-20) - Capt. H. C. Flanagan
PRESIDENT ADAMS (APA-19) - Cmdr. R. C. Welles
TITANIA (AKA-13) - Cmdr. H. E. Berger

TransDiv 8 - Captain G. B. Ashe
AMERICAN LEGION (APA-17) (F) - Capt. G. Criner
GEORGE CLYMER (APA-27) (temp FF) - Capt. F. R. Talbot
CRESCENT CITY (APA-21) - Cmdr. L. L. Rowe
LIBRA (AKA-12) - Capt. F. F. Ferris
ALCHIBA (AKA-6) - Cmdr. H. R. Shaw

TransDIv 10 - Capt. H. E. Thornhill
HUNTER LIGGETT (APA-14) (F) - Capt. R. S. Patch, USCG
ALHENA (AKA-9) - Cmdr. H. W. Bradbury
FOMALHAUT (AKA-5) - Cmdr. P. L. F. Weaver
FULLER (APA-7) - Capt. M. E. Eaton
TransDiv 12 - Cmdr. J. D. Sweeney
DENT (APD-9) (temp F) - Lt. Cmdr. R. A. Wilhelm, USNR
STRINGHAM (APD-6) (F) - Lt. Cmdr. R. H. Moureau, USNR
MANLEY (APD-1) - Lt. R. T. Newell, Jr.
TALBOT (APD-7) - Lt. Cmdr. C. C. Morgan, USNR
WATERS (APD-8) - Lt. Cmdr. C. J. McWhinnie, USNR

TransDiv 16 (temp with 7th Fleet)- Cmdr. James S. Willis
BROOKS (APD-10) (F) - Lt. Cmdr. C. V. Allen, USNR
GILMER (APD-11) - Lt. Cmdr. J. S. Horner, USNR
HUMPHREYS (APD-12) - Lt. Cmdr. F. D. Schwartz
SANDS (APD-13) - Lt. Cmdr. L. C. Brogger, USNR

TransDiv 22 - Cmdr. D. L. Mattie
KILTY (APD-15) (F) - Cmdr. D. L. Mattie
CROSBY (APD-17) - Lt. W. E. Sims, USNR
WARD (APD-16) - Lt. Cmdr. F. W. Lemly, USNR
SCHLEY (APD-14) - Cmdr. H. Myers
TG 32.2 - Reserved for Fleet Units temp assigned TF 32

TG 32.3 - Blank

TG 32.4 - Units of TF 32 Temp employed in logistic supply of advanced bases. Group varies daily and is shown in daily movement sheet

TG 32.5 - Minesweepers
ZANE (DMS-14) -
Lt. Cmdr. W. T. Powell, Jr.
MinRon2 - Cmdr. W. R. Loud
HOPKINS (DMS-13) - Lt. A. L. Waldron
HOVEY (DMS-11) - Cmdr. E. A. McDonald
SOUTHARD (DMS-10) - Lt. Cmdr. F. R. Matthews
DORSEY (DMS-1) (F) - Lt. Cmdr. A. E. Teall

TG 32.6 - Blank

TG 32.8 - Guadalcanal Forces - Local Naval Defense Forces
Ens. F. G. Reed
MENOMINEE (AT-73) - Lt. J. Young, Jr., USNR
LOCUST (YN-17) -
Lt. E. Maltby
PATHFINDER (AGS-1) - Cmdr. B. H. Thomas, USNR
JAMESTOWN (AGP-3) - Lt. Cmdr J. A. E. O'Handley, USNR
MTBrons, SoPac - Commo. E. J. Moran

Task Force Thirty Three - Air, South Pacific - Vice Admiral Fitch

TG 33.2 - Air, Espiritu Santo
TU 33.2.1 - Search and Patrol - Air Groups and Squadrons as assigned
Lt. G. C. Nichandros, USNR
CHANDELEUR (AV-10) - Capt. W. V. R. Vieweg
THORNTON (AVD-11) - Lt. Cmdr. F. E. Sellers, Jr.
COOS BAY (AVP-25) - Cmdr. W. Miller
WRIGHT (AV-1) - Capt. F. C. Sutton

TU 33.2.2 - Bomber Command
TU 33.2.3 - Striking Command
TU 33.2.4 - Carrier Air Group
TU 33.2.5 - Carrier Air Group
Air Groups and Squadrons as assigned

Task Force Thirty Four - Operating directly under ComSoPac

TG 34.1 - DesRon 45 -
Capt. Ralph Earle, Jr.

DesDiv 89
FULLAM (DD-474) (F) -
Cmdr. W. D. Kelly
HALFORD (DD-480) - Cmdr. G. N. Johnson
GUEST (DD-472) - Lt. Cmdr. E. K. McLaren
BENNETT (DD-473) - Lt. Cmdr. F. T. Hauck
HUDSON (DD-475) - Cmdr. W. R. Smedberg, III

DesDiv 90
ANTHONY (DD-515) (F) -
Cmdr. B. Van Mater
WADSWORTH (DD-516) - Cmdr. J. F. Walsh
TERRY (DD-513) Cmdr. G. R. Phelan
BRAINE (DD-630) - Cmdr. J. F. Newman, Jr.

TG 34.2 - DesRon 22 - Captain J. E. Hurff

DesDiv 43
PRINGLE (DD-477) (F) -
G. DeMetropolis
WALLER (DD-466) (temp F)- Lt. Cmdr. W. T. Dutton
SAUFLEY (DD-465) - Cmdr. B. F. Brown
PHILIP (DD-498) - Cmdr. W. H. Groverman
RENSHAW (DD-499) - Cmdr. J. A. Lark

DesDiv 44 - Cmdr. James R. Pahl
CONWAY (DD-507) (F) - Lt. Cmdr. H. G. Bowen, Jr.
CONY (DD-508) - Cmdr. H. D. Johnston
EATON (DD-510) - Lt. Cmdr. E. F. Jackson
SIGOURNEY (DD-643) - Cmdr. W. L. Dyer

CortDiv 8 - Cmdr. T. F. Fowler
GRISWOLD (DE-7) (F) - Lt. M. C. Walley, USNR
STEELE (DE-8) - Lt. Cmdr. M. E. Dennett
CROUTER (DE-11) - Lt. W. M. Lowry, USNR
CARLSON (DE-9) - Lt. J. A. Stapleton, USNR
SEID (DE-256) - Lt. H. L. Vaughn
BEBAS (DE-10) - Lt. Cmdr. F. W. Kinsley

CortDiv 11 - Cmdr. F. W. Schmidt
LEVY (DE-162) (F) - Lt. M. V. Carson, Jr. USNR
McCONNELL (DE-163) - R. C. Young
OSTERHAUS (DE-164) - Lt. T. C. Hart
PARKS (DE-165) - Lt. E. R. Casstevens, USNR
BARON (DE-166) - Lt. J. W. Stewart, USNR
ACREE (DE-167) - Lt. Cmdr. W. H. Siegmund, USNR
TG 34.3
Unassigned Destroyers:
SAMPSON (DD-394) -
Cmdr. T. M. Fleck
BALCH (DD-363) - H. N. Coffin
WARRINGTON (DD-383) - Lt. Cmdr. R. A. Dawes, Jr.
PATTERSON (DD-392) - Lt. Cmdr. A. F. White
SELFRIDGE (DD-357) - Cmdr. G. E. Peckham
MineDiv 1 - Cmdr. F. S. Steinke
PRUITT (DM-22) - Cmdr. R. C. Williams, Jr.
SICARD (DM-21) - Lt. Cmdr. J. V. Noel
TRACY (DM-19) Lt. C. H. Raney

MineDiv 2
RAMSAY (DM-16) (upon reporting) -
Lt. Cmdr. R. H. Holmes
GAMBLE (DM-15) - Lt. Cmdr. W. W. Armstrong
BREESE (DM-18) - Cmdr. A. B. Coxe, Jr

MineDiv 3
Lt. J. B. Neiser, USNR
SKYLARK (AM-63) - Lt. G. M. Estep, USNR
STARLING (AM-64) - Lt. R. C. Biles, USNR
SWALLOW (AM-65) - Lt. Cmdr. K. D. Gallinger, USNR
MineDiv 14
TOKEN (AM-126) -
Lt. R. F. Hudson, Jr., USNR
TUMULT (AM-127) - Lt. T. B. Morton, USNR
VELOCITY (AM-128) - Lt. Cmdr. J. S. Chambers, USNR
ZEAL (AM-131) - Lt. Cmdr. H. M. Jones, USNR

MineDiv 15 (less ANNOY)
ADROIT (AM-82) -
Lt. W. D. White, USNR
ADVENT (AM-83) - Lt. F. S. Wooster, USNR
CONFLICT (AM-85) - A. D. Curtis
CONSTANT (AM-86) - Lt. R. M. Hartman, USNR
DARING (AM-87) - Lt. W. T. Hunt, USNR
DASH (AM-88) - Lt. A. I. Ellsworth, USNR
Task Force Thirty Five - Seronsopac - Rear Admiral Cobb
All SC's, YN's, YP's, YMS's operating under SoPac
WHITNEY (AD-4) - Capt. G. B. Parks
TALAMANCA (AF-15) - Cmdr. R. C. Moureau
ROAMER (AF-19) - Cmdr. M. B. De Leshe
CYGNUS (AF-23) - Lt. Cmdr. W. W. Williamson, USNR
DELPHINUS (AF-24) - Lt. Cmdr. G. L. Armstrong, USNR
TAURUS (AF-25) - Lt. Cmdr. E. T. Collins, USNR
CAMANGA (AG-42) - Lt. Cmdr. R. P. Oates, USNR
TAGANAK (AG-45) - Lt. Cmdr. V. Holm, USNR
KOPARA (AG-50) - Lt. (j.g.) M. F. Root
ADHARA (AK-71) - Cmdr. W. W. Ball, USNR
ARIDED (AK-73) - Lt. Cmdr. A. Elb, USNR
CARINA (AK-74) - B. Koerner, USNR
CASSIOPEIA (AK-75) - Cmdr. W. E. Carlson, USNR
CELENO (AK-76) - Lt. Cmdr. J. P. Gately, USNR
CETUS (AK-77) - Lt. Cmdr. E. J. Grey, USNR
CRATER (AK-70) - Lt. Cmdr. J. W. Baldwin, USNR
DRACO (AK-79) - Lt. Cmdr. E. L. Evey, USNR
ENCELADUS (AK-80) - Lt. M. M. Coombs, USCGR
HYDRA (AK-82) (transferred to US Army 11/19, never in PTO)
ANTARES (AKS-3)) - Cmdr. W. J. Bellingham
SAKATONCHEE (AOG-19) - not yet commissioned
Lt. Cmdr. N. McKenzie, USNR
PROMETHEUS (AR-3) - Cmdr. C. C. Laws
VESTAL (AR-4) - Cmdr. W. T. Singer
TURKEY (AT-143) - R. J. Melchor
TERN (AT-142) -
Lt. H. J. Perry, Jr., USNR
MINDORO (YAG-15) - ??
ENSENADA (YAG-23) - ??
AWAHOU YAG-24) - ??
TAUPATA (YAG-26) - ??
Lt. (j.g.) B. R. Everson, USNR
KOHI (YAG-27) - ??
Lt. S. L. Guice, Jr., USNR
MOBILUBE (YO-164) - ??
ECHO (IX-95) - ??
MAJABA (IX-102) - ??
E. A. POE (IX-103) - ?? (not commissioned)
Lt. A. R. Morris, USNR
ARD-2 -
Cmdr. R. C. Parker,  USNR
ARD-12 -
Lt. Cmdr. A. T. Swanson, USNR
Task Force Thirty Six - Rear Admiral Ainsworth
CruDiv 9 -
Rear Admiral Ainsworth
HONOLULU (CL-48) - Capt. R. W. Hayler
ST. LOUIS (CL-49) - Capt. R. H. Roberts

DesRon 12 - Captain Rodger W. Simpson

DesDiv 23
FARENHOLT (DD-491) (F) -
Cmdr. A. G. Beckmann
WOODWORTH (DD-460) - Lt. Cmdr. C. R. Stephan
BUCHANAN (DD-484) - Cmdr. F. B. T. Myhre

DesDiv 24 - Capt. F. H. Ball
LANSDOWNE (DD-486) (F) - Lt. Cmdr. F. J. Foley
LARDNER (DD-487) - Lt. Cmdr. O. C. Schatz, Jr.
GRAYSON (DD-435) - Lt. Cmdr. W. V. Pratt
McCALLA (DD-488) - Cmdr. H. A. Knoertzer
Task Force Thirty Seven - Rear Admiral Lee

TG 37.1

BatDiv 6 -
Rear Admiral W. A. Lee
WASHINGTON (BB-56) (FF) - Capt. J. E. Maher
NORTH CAROLINA (BB-55) - Capt. F. P. Thomas

BatDiv 8 - Rear Admiral G. B. Davis
MASSACHUSETTS (BB-59) - Capt. T. D. Ruddock
INDIANA (BB-58) (F) - Capt. W. M. Fechteler

BatDiv 9 - Rear Admiral E. W. Hanson
SOUTH DAKOTA (BB-57) - Capt. A. E. Smith
ALABAMA (BB-60) - Capt. F. D. Kirtland

DesDiv 91 - Cmdr. C. F. Espe (ComDesRon46)
IZARD (DD-589) (F) - Cmdr. E. K. Van Swearingen
CHARETTE (DD-581) - Cmdr. E. S. Karpe
CONNER (DD-582) - Cmdr. W. E. Kaitner
BELL (DD-587) - Cmdr. L. C. Petross
BURNS (DD-588) - Cmdr. D. T. Eller
TG 37.2 - Rear Admiral F. C. Sherman

Capt. J. J. Ballentine
MONTEREY (CVL-26) - Capt. L. T. Hundt

DesDiv 92 - H. F. Miller
BOYD (DD-544) (F) - Cmdr. U. S. G. Sharp, Jr.
BRADFORD (DD-545) - Cmdr. R. L. Morris
BROWN (DD-546) - Cmdr. T. H. Coffman
COWELL (DD-547) - Cmdr. C. W. Parker

TG To Be assigned

DesDiv 15 -
Cmdr. C. J. Stuart
LANG (DD-399) - Cmdr. H. Payson
STACK (DD-406) - Lt. Cmdr. P. K. Sherman
STERETT (DD-407) (F) - Cmdr. F. G. Gould
WILSON (DD-408) - Lt. Cmdr. C. K. Duncan

Task Force Thirty Nine - Rear Admiral A. S. Merrill

CruDiv 12 -
Rear Admiral A. S. Merrill
MONTPELIER (CL-57) (F) - Capt. R. G. Tobin
CLEVELAND (CL-55) - Capt. A. G. Shepard
COLUMBIA (CL-56) - Capt. F. E. Beatty
DENVER (CL-58) - Capt. R. P. Briscoe

Des Ron 23 - Captain A. A. Burke

DesDiv 45 - Capt. A. A. Burke
STANLY (DD-478) (F) - Cmdr. R. W. Cavenagh
CHARLES F. AUSBURNE (DD-570) (SF) - Cmdr. L. K. Reynolds
AULICK (DD-569) - Cmdr. O. P. Thomas, Jr.
CLAXTON (DD-571) - Cmdr. H. F. Stout
DYSON (DD-572) - Cmdr. R. A. Gano

DesDiv 46 - Capt. B. L. Austin
THATCHER (DD-514) (F) - Cmdr. L. R. Lampman
CONVERSE (DD-509) (temp F) - Cmdr. D. C. Hamberger
FOOTE (DD-511) - Cmdr. A. Ramsay
SPENCE (DD-512) - Cmdr. H. J. Armstrong
FIFTH FLEET - Information on Task Forces Fifty through Fifty Four omitted from main source material. Partial information gleaned from other War Diaries will be included
on a separate page so as to avoid unnecessary  clutter on an already busy page.
Task Force Fifty - Rear Admiral C. A. Pownall

TG 50.1 - Rear Admiral Pownall

TG 50.2

TG 50.3 - Rear Admiral A. E. Montgomery

TG 50.4 - Rear Admiral Sherman

Task Force Fifty Two

Task Force Fifty Three - Rear Admiral H. W. Hill

Task Force Fifty Four

Task Force Fifty Five - Fifth Amphibious Corps - Rear Admiral Turner
(Units now in GALVANIC task Force organization, may be assigned to Task Groups in Task Forces 52, 53, or 54)

LST Flotilla Three plus LST Division 73 plus LST 487
LCT(5) Flotilla Three
LCI(L) Flotilla Three
TransDiv 4 - J. B. McGovern
ZEILIN (APA-3) (F)- Cmdr. T. B. Fitzpatrick
DOYEN (APA-1) - Cmdr. J.  G. McClaughy
ORMSBY (APA-49) - Cmdr. L. Frisco USNR
VIRGO (AKA-20) - Cmdr. C. H. McLaughlin
SHERIDAN (APA-50) - Cmdr. J. J. Mockrish, USNR

TransDiv 6 - Capt. T. B. Brittain
HARRIS (APA-2) (F) - Cmdr. A. M. Van Eaton
BELLATRIX (AKA-3) - Cmdr. C. A. Joans USNR
HARRY LEE (APA-10) - Cmdr. J. C. Pomeroy
WILLIAM P. BIDDLE (APA-8) - Cmdr. L. F. Brown, USNR
TransDiv 18 - Capt. H. B. Knowles
MONROVIA (APA-31) (F) - Cmdr. J. D. Kelsey
J. F. BELL (APA-16) - Capt. O. H. Ritchie USNR
HEYWOOD (APA-6) - Cmdr. P. F. Dugan
FELAND (APA-11) - Capt. C. A. Misson
THUBAN (AKA-19) - Cmdr. J. C. Campbell, USNR

TransDiv 20 - Capt. Loomis
LEONARD WOOD (APA-12) (F) - Capt. M. O'Neill, USCG
CALVERT (APA-32) - Cmdr. E. J. Sweeney, USNR
NEVILLE (APA-9) - Capt.B. Bartlett
ALCYONE (AKA-7) - Cmdr. J. B. McVey
PIERCE (APA-50) - Cmdr. A. R. Ponto
LSD's and Miscellaneous APA's & AKA's
Cmdr. C. L. C. Atkeson
BELLE GROVE (LSD-2) - Cmdr. M. Seavey, USNR
ALPINE (APA-92) - not yet commissioned
AQUARIUS (AKA-16) - Capt. R. V. Marron, USCG
CALLAWAY (APA-35) - Capt. D. C. McNeil, USCG
ALMAAK (AKA-10) - Cmdr. J. Y. Dannenberg
SUMTER (APA-52) - Capt. A. D. Blackledge
WARREN (APA-53) - Cmdr. W. A. McHale, USNR
Task Force Fifty Six - Fifth Amphibious Corps

Task Force Fifty Seven - Commander Air Central Pacific; Defense Forces and Shore Based Air - Rear Admiral J. H. Hoover

TG 57.1
Capt. S. E. Peck

TG 57.2 - Striking Group - Maj. Gen. Hale, USA

TG 57.3 - Search and Reconnaissance Group

TG 57.4 - Ellice Defense and Utility Group - Brig.. Gen. Merritt, USA

TG 57.5 - Aircraft Tender - Commander P. D. Stroop
Cmdr. P. D. Stroop

TG 57.6
SWAN (AVP-7) -
Lt. (j.g.) C. E. Napier
North Pacific Force - Vice Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher
Task Force Ninety - Air Force - Major General Johnson

TG 90.1 - Air Striking Group
74th BS, 404th BS, 343 FG

TG 90.2 - Air Search Group - Commodore Gehres/Captain Trapnell
VB-136, VB-139, VP-43, VP-62
HULBERT (DD-342) -
Lt. R. B. Crowell
CASCO (AVP-12) - Cmdr E. R. DeLong
AVOCET (AVP-4) - Lt. G. F. Keene
TEAL (AVP-5) - Lt. (j.g.) M. F. Parrott

Task Force Ninety-One - Alaskan Sector Escort, Supply, Maintenance, and Base Defense Force - Rear Admiral Reeves

TG 91.1 - Tanker and Service Group
Cmdr. E. W. Glines, USNR                        TIPPECANOE (AO-21) - Cmdr. F. E. Vensel, Jr.
BRAZOS (AO-4) - Cmdr. R. S. Hanson, USNR                       MARKAB (AD-21) - Capt. L. B. Farrell
All Landing Craft

TG 91.2 - Escort and Supply Group
HEED (AM-100) - Lt. M. Dent, Jr., USNR
ORIOLE (AT-136) -
Lt. (j.g.) H. H. Goode
TATNUCK (AT-27) - Lt. W. B. Coats
HATFIELD (DD-231) - Lt. Cmdr. J. M. Dod, USNR
BUCKEYE (YN-8) - ??
UTE (AT-76) -
Lt. W. F. Lewis
KING (DD-242) - Lt. Cmdr. T. B. Hinkle, USNR
HERALD (AM-101) -
Lt. E. P. Dietrich, USNR
TG 91.3 - Motor Torpedo Boat Group - Lt. Commander J. B. Denny
MTBRon 13 (12 PT Boats) -
Lt. Cmdr. J. B. Denny
MTBRon 16 (4 PT Boats) - Lt. A. P. Colvin

Task Force Ninety Three - Submarine Force - Commander F. O. Johnson

Commander E. Swinburne
BEAVER (AS-5) - Cmdr. H. L. Clark
SubDiv 41 - Cmdr. E. Swinburne?
S-18 (SS-123) - Lt. Cmdr. R. B. Lander
S-23 (SS-128) - Lt. G. W. Forbes, Jr.
S-28 (SS-133) - Lt. Cmdr. G. F. Gugliotta
S-34 (SS-139) - Lt. R. W. Paine, Jr.
S-35 (SS-140) - Lt. R. B. Byrnes
S-37 (SS-142) - Lt. Cmdr. T. S Baskett
SubDiv 52
S-30 (SS-135) -
Lt. Cmdr. H. H. Lewis, USNR
S-32 (SS-137) - Lt. Cmdr. F. J. Harlfinger
S-33 (SS-138) - Lt. Cmdr. M. H. Lytle
S-40 (SS-145) - Lt. Cmdr. F. M. Gambacorta
S-41 (SS-146) - Lt. J. W. Reed
SubDiv 53 - Commander G. Campbell
S-42 (SS-153) - Lt. C. F. Leigh
S-43 (SS-154) - Lt. T. C. Williamson
S-45 (SS-156) - Lt. Cmdr. R. H. Caldwell, Jr.
S-46 (SS-157) - Cmdr. G. Campbell
S-47 (SS-158) - Lt. Cmdr. F. E. Hayler
Task Force Ninety Four - Covering Force - Rear Admiral W. D. Baker

CruDiv 1 -
Rear Admiral W. D Baker
RICHMOND (CL-9) (F) - Capt. W. A. S. Macklin
RALEIGH (CL-7) - Capt. A. T. Sprague, Jr.
DETROIT (CL-8) - Capt. H. G. Sickel

DesRon 24 - K. M. McManes (To be relieved by DesDiv 12, LUCE, and SPROSTON, then to Pearl and later to 7th Fleet)
DesDiv 47
HUTCHINS (DD-476) (F) -
Cmdr. E. W. Herron
BEALE (DD-471) - Cmdr. J. B. Cochran
BACHE (DD-470) - Cmdr. F. M. Adamson
BROWNSON (DD-518) - Cmdr. J. B. Maher
DALY (DD-519) - Cmdr. R. G. Visser

DesDiv 48 - W. F. Petersen
ABNER READ (DD-526) (F) - Cmdr. T. B. Hutchins, III
AMMEN (DD-527) - Cmdr. H. Williams, Jr.
MULLANY (DD-528) - Cmdr. E. J. Mullaney
BUSH (DD-529) (temp F) - Cmdr. T. A. Smith
DesDiv 12 - Capt. Harold P. Smith
FANNING (DD-385) (F DesRon 6) - Cmdr. R. M. MacKinnon
CASE (DD-370) - Cmdr. C. M. Howe
DUNLAP (DD-384) (F) - Cmdr. C. Iverson
CUMMINGS (DD-365) - Cmdr. P. D. Williams

DesRon 49 - Capt. H. F. Gearing
SPROSTON (DD-577) (F) - Lt. Cmdr. M. J. Luosey
PICKING (DD-685) - Cmdr. R. S. Lamb
WICKES (DD-578) - Cmdr. W. Y. Allen, Jr.
WILLIAM D. PORTER (DD-579) - Cmdr. W. A. Walter
YOUNG (DD-580) - Cmdr. G. B. Madden
DesDiv 98 - Capt. E. R. McLean
ISHERWOOD (DD-520) (F) -
Cmdr. R. E. Gadrow
KIMBERLY (DD-521) - Lt. Cmdr. H. Smith
LUCE (DD-522) - Cmdr. H. A. Owens
CHARLES J. BADGER (DD-657) - Cmdr. W. G. Cooper
CortDiv 14 - L. F. Sugnet
DOHERTY (DE-14) (F) - Lt. R. W. Johnson, USNR
AUSTIN (DE-15) - Lt. P. D. Holden, USNR
EDWARD C. DALY (DE-17) - Lt. A. P. Merrill, USNR
GILMORE (DE-18) - A. G. Cooke
DONEFF (DE-49) - Lt. Cmdr. L. C. Mabley USNR
ENGSTROM (DE-50) - Lt. Cmdr. D. A. Nienstedt, USNR
Task Force Ninety Five and Task Force Ninety Six  - Designations reserved for CINCPAC

Task Force Ninety Seven - Hawaiian Sea Frontier - Vice Admiral Robert L. Ghormley

TG 97.1 - Midway
MTBDiv 1
PT-20                PT-29
PT-24                PT-30
PT-27                PT-42

TG 97.3 - Johnston

TG 97.4 - Palmyra

TG 97.5 - Sea Forces
ALLEN (DD-66) -
Lt. Cmdr. H. H. Nielsen                USCGS TANEY - ??
CHEW (DD-106) -
W. S. Brown?                           USCGS RELIANCE  - ??
APc-110 -
R. M. Raffleson                                     USCGS TIGER - ??
APc-111 -
Lt. W.  J. Jolly, USNR
CRYSTAL (PY-25) - ??                                      ALMANDITE (PY-24) - ??
BERYL (PY-23)   - ??                                         AZURLITE (PY-22) - ??
GIRASOL (PY-27) - ??                                      GARNET (PYc-15) - ??
PYROPE (PYc-17) - ??                                      CHALCEDONY (PYc-16) - ??
PERIDOT (PYc-18) - ??                                     RHODOLITE (PYc-19) -
B. L. Fleming
JET (PYc-20) - ??

BOGGS (DMS-3) temp assignment -
Cmdr. H. R. Prince
TREVER (DMS-16)  temp assignment - Lt. Cmdr. W. H. Shea, Jr.

MTBRon 17 - Lt. Cmdr. R. B. Allen - PT's 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231, 232, 233, 234 (temp assignment)
MTBRon 26 - PT's 255, 256, 259, 260, 257, 258, 261, 262, 263, 264
CHENGHO (Chinese Junk) - ??
YMS's 101, 102, 103, 118, 218, 219, 286, 298, 299, 300, 384, 386
YP's 108, 109, 170, 238, 282, 287, 327, 349, 350
PC's 549, 579, 580, 583, 584, 585, 586, 588, 589, 590, 596, 597, 598, 602
SC's 502, 513, 520, 628, 629, 636, 983, 984, 991, 992, 995, 1271, 1273, 1274, 1275, 1318, 1319, 1320, 1321, 1325, 1326, 1328

TG 97.9 - Air Forces
Patrol, Search, and Striking Units composed of Navy Air units regularly assigned Hawaiian Sea Frontier plus such Army, Navy, and Marine Air units as temporarily assigned

Construction Personnel
Third Regiment

5th CB - Oahu
10th CB - Oahu, Midway, Canton, Johnston
39th CB - Maui
50th CB - Midway

Seventh Regiment

48th CB - Maui
56th CB - Kaneohe, Ewa
59th CB  Hilo
Eighth Regiment

62nd CB - Pearl
72nd CB - Barbers Point, Ewa
76th CB - Lualualai, Wahiawa, Palmyra

Assigned but not yet arrived

90th CB - Pearl
92nd CB - outlying islands
99th CB - Aviation Supply Depot
14th Special CB - stevedore Bn.
Task Force Ninety Eight - Maj. Gen Richardson, USA
Hawaiian Sector Defense, Hawaiian Department US Army, Local Naval Defense Forces, 14th naval District, 7th Air Force

Task Force Ninety Nine - reserved for CINCPAC
Southwest Pacific Force - Vice Admiral Carpender
Task Force Seventy - Operating directly under ComSoWesPac

TG 70.1
HILO (AGP-2) -
Cmdr. J. A Munroe, Jr., USNR
PORTUNUS (AGP-4) - Lt. Cmdr. J. Hanna, USNR
MTBRon's 7, 8, 12, 23, 24 (Lt. Cmdr. N. B. Davis. Jr.)

Task Force Seventy One - Rear Admiral R. Christie
Submarines SoWesPac (West Coast Australia - based in Fremantle)

SubRon 16 -
Capt. J. M. Haines
RASHER (SS-269) (F)
ORION (AS-18) -
Capt. C. S. Isgrig
CHANTICLEER (ASR-7) - Lt. R. E. Hawes
SubDiv 161
PUFFER (SS-268) (F) -
Lt. Cmdr. F. G. Selby
RASHER (SS-269) - Cmdr. E. S. Hutchinson
CABRILLA (SS-288) - Cmdr. D. T. Hammond
CAPELIN (SS-289) - Lt. Cmdr. E. E. Marshall
CISCO (SS-290) - Cmdr. J. W. Coe (had been lost in Sep)
CREVALLE (SS-291) - Cmdr. H. G. Munson
SubDiv 162
BLUEFISH (SS-222) (F) -
Cmdr. G. E. Porter
BONEFISH (SS-223) - Cmdr. T. W. Hogan
COD (SS-224) - Cmdr. J. C. Dempsey
RATON (SS-270) - Cmdr. J. W. Davis
RAY (SS-271) - Cmdr. B. J. Harral
REDFIN (SS-272) - Cmdr. R. D. King
SubRon 18 (Upon Reporting) - Capt. E. H. Bryant
DARTER (SS-227) (F)
Capt. H. A. Guthrie
SubDiv 181 - Capt. W. A. Lent
CORVINA (SS-226) (F) - Cmdr. R. S. Rooney (had been lost in Nov)
DARTER (SS-227) - Cmdr. W. S. Stovall, Jr.
ANGLER (SS-240) - Lt. Cmdr. R. I. Olsen
DACE (SS-247) - Lt. Cmdr. J. F. Enright
CERO (SS-225) - Lt. Cmdr. E. F. Dissette
SubDiv 182 - Capt. C. C. Burlingame
BASHAW (SS-241) (F) - Lt. Cmdr. R. E. Nichols
BLUEGILL (SS-242) - Lt. Cmdr. E. L. Barr, Jr.
BREAM (SS-243) - not yet commissioned
FLIER (SS-250) - Lt. Cmdr. J. D. Crowley
FLOUNDER (SS-251) - Lt. Cmdr. C. A. Johnson
FLASHER (SS-249) - not yet commissioned
Task Force Seventy Two - Captain J. Fife
Submarines SoWesPac (East Coast Australia - based in Brisbane)

TG 72.1
SubRon 8 -
Capt. W. M. Downes
FULTON (AS-11) -
Capt. E. C. Bain
COUCAL (ASR-8) - Lt. D. H. Byerly, USNR
Fleet Air Wing Ten
Lt. J. M. Norcott, USNR
CHILDS (AVD-1) - Lt. C. D. Ingebrand, USNR
WILLIAM B. PRESTON (AVD-7) - Lt. W. H. Holcombe, Jr., USNR

ISABEL (PY-10) -
Lt. K. F. Landis, USNR
LARK (AM-21) - Lt. J. F. Rowe, USNR
WHIPPOORWILL (AM-35) - Lt. C. L. Knopp
OTUS (AS-20) - Cmdr. L. D. Follmer
SubDiv 81
GATO (SS-212) (F) -
Cmdr. R. J. Foley
GREENLING (SS-213) - Lt. Cmdr. J. D. Grant
GROUPER (SS-214) - Lt. Cmdr. F. H. Wahlig
GROWLER (SS-215) -
Lt. Cmdr. A. F. Schade
PETO (SS-265) - Cmdr. W. T. Nelson
POMPON (SS-267) - Lt. Cmdr. E. C. Hawk
SubDiv 82 - Capt. H.C. Bruton
GUARDFISH (SS-217) (F) - Lt. Cmdr. N. G. Ward
ALBACORE (SS-218) - Lt. Cmdr. O.E. Hagberg
BLACKFISH (SS-221) - Cmdr. J. F. Davidson
BALAO (SS-285) - Lt. Cmdr. C. C. Cole
BILLFISH (SS-286) - Cmdr.. F. C. Lucas, Jr.
BOWFIN (SS-287) - Lt. Cmdr. W. T. Griffith
Task Force Seventy Three - Air SoWesPac - Captain F. S. Combs
Cmdr. W. O. Gallery

Task Force Seventy Four - Rear Admiral Crutchley, RN

DesRon 5 -
Captain J. H. Carter

DesDiv 9 - Captain J. H. Carter
MAHAN (DD-364) (F) - Cmdr. J. T. Smith
FLUSSER (DD-368) - Cmdr. J. A. Robbins
LAMSON (DD-367) - Cmdr. J. R. Rubins
DRAYTON (DD-366) - Lt. Cmdr. R. S. Craighill

DesDiv 10 - Cmdr. C. D. Reynolds
SHAW (DD-373) (F) - Cmdr. R. H. Phillips
SMITH (DD-378) - Cmdr. R. A. Theobald, Jr.
CONYNGHAM (DD-371) - Cmdr.. J. H. Ward
REID (DD-369) - Cmdr. H. H. McIlhenny

Detachment of DesRon 4 (temporary duty)
Lt. Cmdr. R. D. Shepard
HELM (DD-388) - Lt. Cmdr. S. K. Santmyers

DesDiv 7
MUGFORD (DD-389) -
Cmdr. H. G. Corey
BAGLEY (DD-386) - Cmdr. T. E. Chambers

Task Force Seventy Five - Blank

Task Force Seventy Six - Seventh Amphibious Force -
Rear Admiral D. E. Barbey
HENRY T. ALLEN (APA-15) (F) - Cmdr. J. Meyer
LST Flotilla Seven
LCT Flotilla Seven
LCT Flotilla Eight
LCI(L) Flotilla Seven
Capt. J. R. Lannom

RIGEL (AR-11) - Capt. R. Dudley
22 APc's

TransDiv 16 -
Cmdr. James S. Willis (temporary duty from Third Fleet)
BROOKS (APD-10) (F) -
Lt. Cmdr. C. V. Allen, USNR
GILMER (APD-11) - Lt. Cmdr. J. S. Horner, USNR
HUMPHREYS (APD-12) - Lt. Cmdr. F. D. Schwartz
SANDS (APD-13) - Lt. Cmdr. L. C. Brogger, USNR

Task Force Seventy Seven - Blank

Task Force Seventy Eight - Escorts and Minecraft, SoWesPac

PC Division 1
SC Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4
YMS Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4

Task Force Seventy Nine - Blank

Service Force, Seventh Fleet - Commander R. G. Coman
DOBBIN (F) - (AD-3) - Capt. H. N. Williams
GOLD STAR (AG-12) - Cmdr. T. J. Schultz
VICTORIA (AO-46) - Cmdr. L. H. Hawkinson
TRINITY (AO-13) - Cmdr. W. W. Angerer
SHIKELLAMY (AOG-47) - T. M. Lehland
DERRICK (YO-59) - ??
not yet commissioned
EUROPA (AK-81) - transferred to US Army, never commissioned in USN
SONOMA (AT-12) -
Lt. (j.g.) G. I. Nelson
POLLUX (AKS-4) - Cmdr. H. L. Bixby
Southeast Pacific Force - Rear Admiral Whiting
Task Force 113 - Rear Admiral Whiting

TG 113.3 - Cruisers

CruDiv 3 -
Rear Admiral H. C. Train ?
CONCORD (CL-10) (F) - Capt. I. R. Chambers
TRENTON (CL-11) - Capt. S. C. Norton

TG 113.4 - Destroyers
McDOUGAL (DD-358) -
Lt. Cmdr. C. A. Neyman, Jr.
CLARK (DD-361) - Cmdr. L. H. Martin