In late 2009 or early 2010 I had a question about Submarine Division Commanders in World War II but could not find any list of them available on the internet (the list may be
there, but I could not find it). I did find a lot of Submarine related resources, including the (nearly) complete war patrol reports submitted by US submarine commanders after
every patrol during the war (posted by the HNSA
here.) From these reports, as well as from other online resources and published works by Theodore Roscoe, Clay Blair,
Charles Lockwood, and others, I have compiled the following lists of key submarine commanders during the war, from individual boat C.O.'s up through the highest command
echelons. Because the original primary resource was the was patrol reports, the focus (and greatest detail) is on boats which completed patrols and on divisions/squadrons
involved in offensive operations.

This lists are not complete and will be updated as more information becomes available to me. I have chosen to include information from 1939 through the end of 1946 and not
just the period when the US was engaged in hostilities.

The rank given for commanding officers is the highest rank I am aware of them holding during their tour in command.

For the dates associated with the C.O.'s command tour, exact dates of assuming command and being relieved were used where available. Dates marked with an asterisk (*)
are not such  dates but represent the earliest/latest dates my sources show the officer as being in command. If only one date is listed, that is the only date I know of right now  
on which the officer held that command.

"Prior assignment" is not necessarily the officers most recent duty before assuming command but the most recent assignment I know he held. By the same token, "Subsequent
assignment" is not necessarily the assignment held immediately following being relieved of command. All ships listed as prior or subsequent assignments are submarines
unless otherwise noted.

Regarding "Date of Rank" information - after early 1942 nearly all promotions were temporary in nature and Temporary ranks often far outstripped an officer's permanent
rank. Dates used here are from the Register of Commissioned and Warrant Officers issued annually during the war and reflect the temporary promotions.

As of December 2012 I have done the basic work on all pages, though much updating still remains and is ongoing.

Pre-war O-Class, R-Class, and S-Class Boats
Pre-War Fleet Boats
Wartime (and immediate Post-War) Fleet Boats -  page two, page three, page four
Division Commanders
Squadron Commanders
Submarine Tenders and Submarine Rescue Vessels
Higher Commands

Other Submarine Commands and Non-Submarine Commands referenced in Patrol Report Files

Commanders by
USNA Class Year (1905-1925) - page two (1926-1930)  -  page three (1931-1934) - page four (1935-1937) - page five (1938-1942) - page six (non-USNA)

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