The following tables show other miscellaneous commands referenced in material found in the war patrol report files.  Unlike with the specific submarine commands, only minimal effort has been made to "fill in the gaps" in
these lists.

The rank given for commanding officers is the highest rank I am aware of them holding during their tour.

For the dates associated with the command tour, exact dates of assuming command and being relieved are shown here represent the earliest/latest dates the endorsements to war patrol reports or other material in the
war patrol files show the officer as being in command. If only one date is listed, that is the only date I know of right now on which the officer held that command.

"Prior assignment" is not necessarily the officer's most recent duty before assuming command but the most recent assignment I know he held. By the same token, "Subsequent assignment" is not necessarily the
assignment held immediately following being relieved of command. All ships listed as prior or subsequent assignments are submarines unless otherwise noted.
SUBMARINE COMMANDERS : Non-Submarine Commands
Dates in Command
Prior Assignment
Subsequent Assignment
Date of
Commander in Chief, Pacific
FADM Chester W. Nimitz
31 Dec 1941 - 24 Nov 1945
Chief, Bureau of Navigation
(submarine-related commands
1910-1913 and 1929-1931)
Chief of Naval Operations
    Assumed and relinquished
command aboard submarines
Chief of Staff, Commander in
Chief Pacific Fleet
RADM Milo F. Draemel
2 Mar 1942
Commander Destroyers Battle
Commandant 4th Naval
  RADM Raymond A. Spruance
21 Sep 1942 - 22 Jul 1943
Commander Cruiser Division
Commander Central Pacific
  RADM Charles H. McMorris
18 Dec 1943 - 1 May 1945
Commander Cruiser Division
Commander Fourth Fleet
  RADM Forrest Sherman
6 Jan 1945
Deputy Chief of Staff,
Commander Carrier Division
Flag Secretary, CINCPAC
G. L. Thorne
Apr 1944
Destroyers, Pacific Fleet
RADM James L. Kauffman
21 Apr 1944 - 4 Jul 1944
Captain of the Yard, Mare
Island Navy Yard
Commander, Philippine Sea
  RADM Walden L. Ainsworth
29 Dec 1944 - 1 May 1945
Commander Cruiser Division
Commander 5th Naval
Flag Secretary, COMDESPAC
Lt. John J. Waybright (USNR)
21 Apr 1944 - 29 Aug 1944
Commander in Chief, Atlantic
ADM Royal E. Ingersoll
12 Mar 1942 - 20 Feb 1943
Assistant Chief of Naval
Commander Western Sea
Chief of Staff, CINCLANT
Capt. Olaf. M. Hustvedt
17 Sep 1942
C.O. USS North Carolina
Commander Battleships
Atlantic Fleet
  Commo. Oscar Smith (1908)
25 Sep 1945
Head Guided Missile
Air Force, Atlantic Fleet
VADM Patrick N. L. Bellinger
18 Apr 1945
Chief of Staff COMINCH
Commander in Chief, United
States Fleet
FADM Ernest J. King
30 Dec 1941 - 15 Dec 1945
commands 1923-1926)
Inactive Duty
Chief of Staff,
Capt. Sherwood A. Taffinder
7 Jan 1941
  Commander of a Cruiser
Division ??
  RADM Russell Wilson
4 Mar 1942
United States Naval Forces in
ADM Harold R. Stark
17 Mar 1943 - 22 May 1943
Chief of Naval Operations
inactive duty
Chief of Staff,
Capt. Paul H. Bastedo (1908)
28 Jun 1943
Staff Naval War College
Naval Attache London
1 Jul 1936
retired 1 Apr
Acting; on
and Naval Attache Lonfon
South Pacific Force
ADM William F. Halsey
12 Dec 1942 - 5 Sep 1943
  VADM William L. Calhoun
1 May 1945
  RADM Theodore S. Wilkinson
15 Apr 1943
Director of Naval Intelligence
Commander, III Amphibious
    Deputy Commander
Chief of Staff, COMSOPAC
Capt. H. R. Thurber
6 Apr 1943 - 19 Jun 1943
C.O. USS Guadalupe (AO-32)
  RADM Robert B. Carney
30 Aug 1943 - 6 Jan 1944
C.O. USS Denver (CL-58)
Chief of Staff, Commander,
3rd Fleet
  Capt. Irving H. Mayfield
27 Sep 1943, 7 Feb 1944
District Intelligence Officer
14th Naval District
      Acting; Chief of Staff to
  Commodore R. P. Class
1 May 1945
North Pacific Force
VADM Frank Jack Fletcher
22 May 1944 - 1 May 1945
Seventh Fleet
VADM Arthur S. Carpender
15 Mar 1943 - 13 Nov 1943
  Commandant, Great Lakes
Naval Training Center
  ADM Thomas C. Kinkaid
Nov 1943 - 26 Oct 1945
Commander North Pacific
Commander Eastern Sea
  RADM Daniel E. Barbey
12 May 1945
Deputy Commander, 7th Fleet
J. Cary Jones (1913)
16 Jun 1943 - 22 Jul 1943
Chief of Staff, Commander 7th
Commander, Destroyers,
Atlantic Fleet
  RADM Clifford E. Van Hook
19 Dec 1943 - 1 May 1945
Commander, Panama Sea
      Possibly also Chief of Staff
Chief of Staff, Commander 7th
J. Cary Jones (1913)
30 Mar 1943 - 8 Jun 1943
  Deputy Commander 7th Fleet
  Commodore Homer W. Graf
23 Jun 1943 - 23 Sep 1944
Commander Transport
Squadron 20
  Commodore Valentine H.
Oct 1944 - 1 May 1945
C.O. USS Bataan (CVL-29)
Bureau of Aeronautics
  Captain Thomas S. Combs
25 May 1945 - 24 Jun 1945
C.O. USS Yorktown (CV-10)
Bureau of Aeronautics
  Capt. Richard H. Cruzen
18 Jul 1943; 26 Sep 1943
C.O. USS Bear (AG-29)
C.O. USS Birmingham
(CL-62);  Operation
Highjump (1946)
20 Jun 1942
  Acting; Operations Officer
7th Fleet
  CDR Charles J. Maguire
14 Oct 1944 - 18 Oct 1944
  C.O. USS Cleveland (CL-55)
    Acting; Assistant Plans
Officer 7th Fleet
  Capt. Pen L. Carroll
30 Aug 1945 - 31 Aug 1945
C.O. USS Mississippi (BB-41)
C.O. USS Yucca (IX-214)
Service Force Subordinate
Command, 7th Fleet
LCDR R. E. Lawrence
30 May 1944 - 5 Jul 1944
USS New Orleans (CA-32) ?
Flag Secretary, COM7THFLT
CDR Ernest Burwell (USNR)
May 1944
Assistant to Chief of Staff 6th
Naval District
Duty at Navy Department
Panama Sea Frontier/15th
Naval District
RADM Frank H. Sadler
1 Oct 1939 - 15 Apr 1942
  RADM Clifford E. Van Hook
15 Apr 1942 - 14 Oct 1943
C.O. USS Portland (CA-33)
Deputy Commander Seventh
  RADM Howard F. Kingman
3 Nov 1944 - 9 Jul 1945
Commander Battleship
Division 2
Commander Battleship
Division 9 then Commander
Third Fleet
Chief of Staff, Philippine  Sea
Capt. Norman C. Gillette
29 Sep 1945 - 19 Oct 1945
C.O. USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37)
Commander Hawthorne
Naval Ammunition Depot
Alaskan Patrol
Capt. R. S. Parker
8 Oct 1941
Aleutian Patrol
LCDR Carl E. Anderson
8 Oct 1941 - 2 Jul 1942
  Beachmaster in several
late-war amphibious
Navy Yard, Mare Island
RADM Wilhelm L. Friedell
5 Aug 1941 - 16 Sep 1943
Commander, Submarines
Scouting Force
Commander 11th Naval
  RADM Mahlon S. Tisdale
Jul 1944 - 1947
Commander Destroyers,
Pacific Fleet
Navy Yard, New York
RADM Freeland A. Daubin
5 Dec 1944 - 25 Nov 1945
Navy Yard, Portsmouth
RADM Thomas Withers (1906)
Mar 1942 - 31 Mar 1945
Navy Yard, Puget Sound
RADM Ralph W. Christie (1915)
1 May 1945 - 1948
Commander, US Naval
Forces in Philippines
Naval Base/Naval Air Station,
CDR Jackson R. Tate
8 Oct 1941 - Jun 1942
  Commander, Advanced
Base, Tarawa
Naval Base/Naval Air Station,
CDR John Perry
15 Jun 1941 - 26 Jun 1942
  C.O. USS Curtiss (AV-4)
Naval Base, Dutch Harbor
CDR William N. Updegraff
2 Sep 1941 - Jun 1942
  Commander, Naval  Air
Station, Hutchinson, KS
Naval Base, Darwin
CDR Martin X. Smith (USNR)
26 Mar 1944 - 19 Sep 1944
Post-WWI North Sea
      Also listed as X. M. Smith or
X. Martin-Smith
Naval Air Station, Johnston
Capt. Robert W. Bockius
15 Mar 1943
  C.O. USS Cape Esperance
Naval Section Base, Exmouth
Gulf, Australia/"Navy 81"
Lt. W. J. R Hayes
late 1942
  Lt. J. J. Wellford (USNR)
9 Apr 1944 - 9 May 1944
Destroyer Squadron 50
Capt. Edwin R. Wilkinson
9 Dec 1944
C.O. USS O'Bannon (DD-450)
Destroyer Division 100
Capt. Wallace J. Miller
8 Dec 1944
C.O. USS Caperton (DD-650)
USS Edmonds (DE-406)
John S. Burrows, Jr.
4-5 Jul 1944
  C.O. USS Edmonds (DE-406)
    Acting; Executive Officer
USS English (DD-696)
CDR James T. Smith
26 Jan 1945
USS Grayson (DD-435)
CDR William V. Pratt, 2nd
18 Nov 1944
  C.O. USS Eugene A. Greene
USS Haraden (DD-585)
Halle C. Allan, Jr.
Sep 1943 - 13 Jul 1944
USS William B. Preston
CDR Etheridge Grant
Dec 1941- Oct 1942
Patrol Wing 2
RADM Patrick N. L. Bellinger
11 Dec 1940 - 6 Mar 1942
  Commander Patrol Wings
Pacific Fleet
Fleet Air Wing One
J. D. Price
Jun 1945
  John Perry
27 Jul 1945
C.O. USS Belleau Wood
Air-Sea Rescue Unit, FAW 1
Capt. William L. Erdmann
15 Aug 1945
C.O. USS Mantanikau
C.O. USS Leyte (CV-32)
CDR Fred E. Bakutis
30 Oct 1944
Lexington (?) Air Group
Mark A. Grant
10 Oct 1943
Palawan Special Battallion
Maj. Pablo P. Muyco
2 Dec 1944
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