Flag Officers, January 1, 1866
The following is a list of the flag officers of the US Navy in January 1866. The Navy had just been authorized to promote its first flag officers during the Civil War, and at this
time had only one Vice-Admiral, four Rear-Admirals, and 19 Commodores on the Active List. A further seven Rear Admirals and twenty-nine Commodores were on the retired
list.   The list is in order of seniority. For retired officers, all had the same Date of Rank, 16 July 1862, the date such ranks were first authorized.
Active List

Vice Admiral David G. Farragut

Rear Admiral L. M. Goldsborough
Rear Admiral Charles H. Davis
Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren
Rear Admiral David D. Porter

Commodore Thomas O Selfridge
Commodore Theodorus Bailey
Commodore Thomas T. Craven
Commodore Henry K. Heff
Commodore Henry H. Bell
Commodore John W. Livingston
Commodore Henry K. Thatcher
Commodore Robert B. Hitchcock
Commodore Stephen C. Rowan
Commodore Joseph Lanman
Commodore Thomas Turner
Commodore Charles H. Poor
Commodore James F. Schenck
Commodore Timothy A. Hunt
Commodore Sylvanus W. Godon
Commodore James S. Palmer
Commodore William Radford
Commodore John Rodgers
Commodore John A. Winslow
Date of Rank

21 December 1864

16 July 1862
7 February 1863
7 February 1863
4 July 1863

16 July 1862
16 July 1862
16 July 1862
16 July 1862
16 July 1862
16 July 1862
16 July 1862
16 July 1862
16 July 1862
29 August 1862
13 December 1862
2 January 1863
2 January 1863
2 January 1863
2 January 1863
7 February 1863
24 April 1863
17 June 1863
19 June 1864

Waiting Orders

Commanding, European Squadron
Superintendent, Naval Observatory
Waiting Orders
Superintendent, Naval Academy

Commanding, Navy Yard, Philadelphia
Commanding, Navy Yard, Portsmouth
Waiting Orders
Ordnance Duty, Philadelphia
Commanding, East India Squadron
Waiting Orders
Commanding, Gulf Squadron
Commanding, Navy Yard, Norfolk
Waiting Orders
Commanding, Atlantic Squadron
Special Duty, Philadelphia
Waiting Orders
Commanding, Naval Station, Mound City
Ordnance Duty, Boston
Commanding, Brazil Squadron
Commanding, West India Squadron
Commanding, Navy Yard, Washington, DC
Commanding, Special Squadron
Under orders to: Commanding, Gulf Squadron
Retired List

Rear Admiral Charles Stewart
Rear Admiral William B. Shubrick
Rear Admiral Joseph Smith
Rear Admiral Francis Gregory
Rear Admiral Silas H. Stringham
Rear Admiral Samuel L. Breese
Rear Admiral Hiram Paulding

Commodore John D. Sloat
Commodore William Mervine
Commodore Thomas Crabbe
Commodore John B. Montgomery
Commodore Cornelius K. Stribling
Commodore Joshua R. Sands
Commodore Charles H. Bell
Commodore Joseph R. Jarvis
Commodore William C. Nicholson
Commodore Joseph B. Hull
Commodore Wm. H. Gardner
Commodore T. Aloysius Dornin
Commodore Frederick Engle
Commodore John Rudd
Commodore Charles Lowndes
Commodore John Marston
Commodore Henry A. Adams
Commodore George F. Pearson
Commodore John Pope
Commodore Levin M. Powell
Commodore Charles Wilkes
Commodore Henry Eagle
Commodore William M. Glendy
Commodore George S. Blake
Commodore Andrew A. Harwood
Commodore Hugh Y. Purviance
Commodore Cadwalader Ringgold
Commodore James L. Lardner
Commodore William Smith
Date of Rank

16 July 1862 - for all retired officers
Duty if any (otherwise Waiting Orders)

Chairman, Light-House Board
Chief, Bureau of Yards & Docks
Superintending construction of gunboats
Commandant, Navy Yard, Boston

Light-House Inspector
Commanding, Navy Yard, New York

Light-House Inspector

Governor, Naval Asylum, Philadelphia
Light-House Inspector
Special Duty, Philadelphia

Commanding, Pacific Squadron
Light-House Inspector
Light-House Inspector

Light-House Inspector

Light-House Inspector
Secretary of Light-House Board

Special Duty, New York
Special Duty, Philadelphia
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