Shore Stations - January 1, 1866
Portsmouth, NH

Navy Yard
Commodore Theodorus Bailey - Commandant

Captain Theo. P. Greene - Ordnance Duty

Lt. Commander Homer C. Blake - Navigation

Lt. Col. James H. Jones - Marine Barracks

Lt. Commander Jonathan Young - USS VANDALIA (Receiving Ship)

Boston, MA

Navy Yard
Rear Admiral Silas H. Stringham - Commandant  

Captain J. F. Green - Ordnance Duty

Commander G. H. Preble - Inspector of Equipment & Stores

Commander F. S. Haggerty - Navigation

Commander C. H. B. Caldwell - Rendezvous

Paymaster G. F. Cutter - Inspector of Provisions & Clothing

Surgeon Edward Gilchrist - Hospital

Major C. G. McCawley - Marine Barracks

Commander E. G. Parrott - USS OHIO (Receiving Ship)

New York, NY

Navy Yard
Commodore Charles H. Bell - Commandant

Captain J. H. Strong - Inspector of Equipment & Stores

Commander William E. Le Roy - Rendezvous

Commander J. R. M. Mullany - Ordnance Duty

Commander E. T. Nichols - Navigation

Surgeon Benjamin F. Bache - Hospital, Director of Laboratory

Colonel Wm. D. Shuttleworth - Marine Barracks

Commander A. C. Rhind - USS VERMONT (Receiving Ship)

Philadelphia, PA

Navy Yard
Commodore Thomas O. Selfridge - Commandant

Commodore H. K. Huff  - Ordnance Duty

Commander James Madison Frailey - Inspector of Equipment & Stores

Lieutenant Commander J. W. Shirk - Navigation

Paymaster Robert Pettit - Inspector of Provisions & Clothing

Major T. Y. Field - Marine Barracks

Commander Wm. Ronckendorff  - USS PRINCETON (Receiving Ship)

Washington, DC

Navy Yard
Commodore William Radford - Commandant

Captain W. R. Taylor - Ordnance Duty

Commander S. Nicholson - Navigation

Lt. Commander M. P. Jones - Inspector of Equipment & Stores

Lt. Commander J. S. Skerrett - Rendezvous

Chief Engineer A. Henderson - In Charge of Ironclads

Captain Charles Heywood - Marine Barracks

Acting Ensign F. C. Hall - USS RESCUE (Tug)

Norfolk, VA

Navy Yard
Commodore R. B. Hitchcock - Commandant

Commander John J. Glasson - Navigation

Paymaster G. E. Thornton - Inspector of Provisions & Clothing

Surgeon A. A. Henderson - Hospital

Major John L. Browne - Marine Barracks

Commander A. G. Clary - USS CONSTELLATION (Receiving Ship)

Mound City, IL

Naval Station
Commodore James F. Schenck - Commandant

Captain William H. Parker - Marine Barracks

Acting Master J. C. Bunner - USS GRAMPUS (Receiving Ship)

Jefferson Barracks, MO

Ordnance Depot
Lt. Commander Chas. A. Babcock  - In Charge

Pensacola, FL

Navy Yard
Commander James F. Armstrong  - Commanding (?)

Gunner William H. French - Ordnance Duty

Surgeon Samuel J. Jones - Hospital

Commander Alexander Gibson - USS ?????? (Receiving Ship)

Mare Island, CA

Navy Yard
Captain D. McDougal - Commandant

Commander C. H. Baldwin - Ordnance Duty

Lt. Col. M. R. Kentzing - Marine Barracks

Act. Vol. Lt. Commander Samuel Huse - USS INDEPENDENCE (Receiving Ship)
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