US Navy Captains, January 1, 1866
Until the Civil War, Captain was the highest substantive rank in the US Navy. While the war finally led Congress to authorize the ranks of Commodore and
Rear Admiral (as well as Vice-Admiral and Admiral on a "special" basis) the Navy still relied heavily on its Captains. The following is a list of the 35 Active
Duty Line Captains on service January 1, 1866 and their assignments
It does not include staff officers with the relative rank of Captain or retired officers. The list is in order of seniority.
John M. Berrien
Alfred Taylor
Samuel Phillips Lee
Simon B. Bissell
James P. McKinstry
Oliver S. Glisson
Guert Gansevoort
Melancthon Smith
Cicero Price
John R. Goldsborough
Charles S. Boggs
Augustus H. Kilty
Theodore P. Greene
Richard W. Meade
Joseph F. Greene
John De Camp
Charles W. Pickering
William M. Walker
Henry Walke
Thornton A. Jenkins
John B. Marchand
Wm. Rogers Taylor
Benjamin F. Sands
Daniel B. Ridgely
Charles Steedman
James Alden
Augustus L. Case
Alexander M. Pennock
John L. Worden
George F. Emmons
Edward Middleton
Gustavus H. Scott
David McDougal
John J. Almy
James H. Strong
Light-House Inspector
Waiting Orders
Waiting Orders
Waiting Orders
Waiting Orders
Navy Yard, Washington, DC
Waiting Orders
Special Duty, New York, NY
Special Duty, Baltimore, MD
Ordnance Duty, Portsmouth, NH
Under Suspension
Ordnance Duty, Navy Yard, Boston, MA
Waiting Orders
Navy Yard, Portsmouth, NH
Commanding, USS DE SOTO
Waiting Orders
Chief Bureau of Navigation
Navy Yard, Philadelphia, PA
Ordnance Duty, Navy Yard, Washington, DC
Navy Yard, Boston, MA
Commanding, USS POWHATAN
Waiting Orders
Fleet Captain, European Squadron
Navy Yard, New York, NY
Special Duty, New York, NY
Waiting Orders
Special Duty, Navy Yard, NY
Commanding USS SARANAC
Commanding, Navy Yard, Mare Island, CA
Commanding USS JUNIATA
Inspector, Navy Yard, New York, NY
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