Shore Stations - January 1, 1896
Portsmouth, NH

Navy Yard
Captain Allen V. Reed - Commandant

Captain Henry B. Robeson - Captain of the Yard

Commander William C. Gibson - Equipment Officer

Commander Thomas Nelson - Ordnance Officer

Pay Inspector George Hendee - General Storekeeper

Surgeon Manley H. Simons - Naval Hospital, Widows Island

Colonel James Forney - Marine Barracks

Boston, MA

Navy Yard
Commodore Joseph N. Miller - Commandant  

Captain John W. Philip - Captain of the Yard

Commander Henry W. Lyon - Equipment Officer

Commander Charles J. Barclay - Ordnance Officer

Pay Director Edward May - General Storekeeper

Medical Director John H. Clark - Naval Hospital, Chelsea

Major Robert L. Meade - Marine Barracks

Captain Albert Kautz - USS WABASH (Receiving Ship)

Newport, RI

Naval Station
Commodore Rush R. Wallace - Commandant

Training Station & Ship
Commander Francis W. Dickins - USS CONSTELLATION (2nd Rate)

Naval War College
Captain Henry C. Taylor - President

Torpedo Station
Commander George A. Converse - Inspector in Charge

New London, CT

Naval Station
Commander Samuel Belden - Commandant

New York, NY

Navy Yard
Commodore Montgomery Sicard - Commandant

Captain Frederick Rodgers - Captain of the Yard

Commander John J. Hunker - Equipment Officer

Commander Charles S. Sperry - Ordnance Officer

Lt. Commander Daniel Delehanty - Supervising Harbor, New York

Pay Director Rufus Parks - General Storekeeper

Medical Director Thomas N. Penrose - Naval Hospital

Lt. Colonel John H. Higbee - Marine Barracks

Captain Silas Casey - USS VERMONT (Receiving Ship)

League Island (Philadelphia), PA

Navy Yard
Captain Norman H. Farquhar - Commandant

Commander Felix McCurley - Captain of Yard and Equipment Officer

Commander Edwin Longnecker - Ordnance Officer

Pay Director Joseph A. Smith - General Storekeeper

Gunner Charles H. Venable - Naval Magazine, Fort Miflin

Chief Engineer Jackson McElmell - President, Engineer Examining Board

Medical Director David Kindleberger - Naval Hospital

Captain John C. Watson - Governor, Naval Home, Philadelphia

Captain William S. Muse - Marine Barracks

Commander Colby M. Chester - USS RICHMOND (Receiving Ship)

Washington, DC

Navy Yard
Commodore John A. Howell - Commandant

Commander Theodore F. Jewell - Ordnance Officer

Medical Inspector George A. Bright - Naval Hospital

Captain Erastus R. Robinson - Marine Barracks

Marine Barracks, Washington
Captain Paul S. Murphy

Naval Ordnance Proving Grounds, Indian Head, MD
Lieutenant Newton E. Mason - Inspector in Charge

Norfolk, VA

Navy Yard
Rear Admiral George Brown - Commandant

Captain Alexander H. McCormick - Captain of the Yard

Commander James G. Green - Equipment Officer

Commander Chapman C. Todd - Ordnance Officer

Paymaster Henry T. B. Harris - General Storekeeper

Medical Director Christopher J. Cleborne - Naval Hospital

Major Robert W. Huntington - Marine Barracks

Captain Silas W. Terry - USS FRANKLIN (Receiving Ship)

Port Royal, SC

Naval Station
Commander Charles H. Rockwell - Commandant

Key West, FL

Naval Station
Commander James M. Forsythe - Commanding

Pensacola, FL

Navy Yard
Commander William H. Whiting  - Commandant

Mare Island, CA

Navy Yard
Captain Henry L. Howison - Commandant

Captain Albert S. Barker - Captain of the Yard

Commander Bowman H. McCalla - Equipment Officer

Lt. Commander Frederick W. Symonds - Ordnance Officer

Pay Inspector William W. Woodhull - General Storekeeper

Medical Director George W. Woods - Naval Hospital

Major Percival C. Pope - Marine Barracks

Commander Charles E. Clark - USS INDEPENDENCE (Receiving Ship)

Puget Sound, WA

Naval Station
Commander John C. Morong - Commanding

Sitka, TA

Captain Leroy C. Webster - Marine Barracks
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