Flag Officers, January 1, 1899
The following is a list of the flag officers of the US Navy in January 1899. The list consist of only seven Rear Admirals (one awaiting Senate confirmation) and ten
Commodores (also with one awaiting confirmation) on the Active List. It does not include officers who held flag rank solely because of their duty station, just those officers who
had actually receievd permanent promotions. It also does not include retired line or staff officers with flag rank, even though a few were on active duty at the time. The list is in
order of seniority.
Active List

Rear Admiral George Dewey
Rear Admiral Frederick McNair
Rear Admiral John Howell
Rear Admiral William Sampson
Rear Admiral Winfield Schley
Rear Admiral Henry Howison
Rear Admiral Albert Kautz*

Commodore George Remey
Commodore Norman Farquhar
Commodore John Watson
Commodore John Philip**
Commodore Henry Robeson
Commodore Silas Casey
Commodore Bartlett Cromwell
Commodore Francis Higginson
Commodore Henry Picking
Commodore Frederick Rodgers*
Date of Rank

11 May 1898
03 July 1898
10 August 1898
10 August 1898
10 August 1898
22 November 1898
25 December 1898

19 June 1897
21 July 1897
07 November 1897
10 August 1898
01 February 1898
11 May 1898
10 August 1898
10 August 1898
22 November 1898
25 December 1898

Commanding, Asiatic Station
Superintendent, Naval Academy
President, Examining & Retiring Boards
Commanding, North Atlantic Station
Waiting orders
Commandant. Navy Yard, Boston
Commanding, Pacific Station

Commandant, Navy Yard, Portsmouth
Commandant, Navy Yard, Norfolk
Commandant, Navy Yard, Mare Island
Ord as Commandant, Navy Yard, New York
Waiting Orders
Commandant, Navy Yard, League Island
Commanding, Naval Station, Havana, Cuba
Chairman, Light House Board
Waiting Orders
President, Board of Inspection & Survey
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* - Awaiting Senate confirmation
** - Advanced for wartime service