Royal Marine Leaders
In addition to the seagoing fleet the Royal Navy also included a Marine Force. They Royal Marines served aboard ship and ashore in a variety of roles,
and represented a small but vital part of the national defense.

Included here is basic information on some of the Royal Marines' senior leadership as of June 1906.

HRH George Frederick Ernest Albert, Prince of Wales, KG, KT, KP, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, GCVO, ISO, Personal ADC to the King

Deputy Adjutant General

Lt. General Sir William Purvis Wright, KCB

Royal Marine Artillery

General George F. Pengelley
Lt. General William Campbell, CB
Major General John Beckwith Leefe, PSC

Colonel Commandant William Charles Nicholls

Royal Marine Light Infantry

General George H. T. Colwell, CB
General Charles H. Scafe
Lt. General Christopher S. F. Fagan
Lt. General Sir William P. Wright, KCB
Lt. General Adolphus R. Crosbie
Major General Herbert St. G. Schomberg, CB
Major General Frederick Baldwin
Major General Robert B. Kirchhoffer
Major General Townley W. Dowding
Major General Roger P. Coffin

Colonel Commandant William T. Adair, Plymouth Division
Colonel Commandant Thomas J. P. Evans, CB, Portsmouth Division
Colonel Commandant Thomas H. Roche, DSO, Depot, Deal
Colonel Commandant George T. Onslow, CB, Chatham Division
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