Flag Officers, January 1, 1907
The following is a list of US Admirals as of January 1907. The list consists of one Admiral of the Navy and twenty-two Rear Admirals, four of them additional numbers in grade
(noted with an asterisk (*). The list is in order of seniority. It does not include retired flag officers (there were over a hundred of them, including nearly fifty who had achieved
the rank upon retirement) but does include four officers (two line, two staff) who held Rear Admiral rank while serving as Chief of various bureaus. They are listed at the end
of the list, based on their placement on the overall seniority list, with dates listed being the dates they assumed the temporary rank of Rear Admiral. The navy had abolished
the rank of Commodore by this time, though several officers on the retired list held this rank.
Active List

Admiral of the Navy George Dewey

Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans*
Rear Admiral James H. Sands
Rear Admiral Charles D. Sigsbee*
Rear Admiral Caspar F. Goodrich
Rear Admiral Charles H. Davis
Rear Admiral Joseph E. Craig
Rear Admiral Charles M. Thomas
Rear Admiral Albert S. Snow
Rear Admiral George C. Reiter
Rear Admiral Willard H. Brownson
Rear Admiral William W. Mead
Rear Admiral Charles H. Stockton
Rear Admiral Asa Walker*
Rear Admiral Henry W. Lyon
Rear Admiral James H. Dayton
Rear Admiral Charles S. Sperry
Rear Admiral William T. Burwell
Rear Admiral Robert M. Berry
Rear Admiral Samuel W. Very
Rear Admiral William T. Swinburne*
Rear Admiral Joseph N. Hemphill
Rear Admiral William H. Emory

Captain William S. Cowles
Captain Charles W. Rae
Medical Inspector Presley M. Rixey
Pay Director Eustace B. Rogers
Date of Rank

02 March 1899

11 February 1901
11 April  1902
10 August 1903
17 February 1904
24 August 1904
28 December 1904
12 January 1905
21 February 1905
31 March 1905
06 May 1905
01 July 1905
07 January 1906
07 January 1906
19 February 1906
28 February 1906
26 May 1906
06 June 1906
29 June 1906
22 July 1906
22 July 1906
05 August 1906
02 November 1906

27 November 1905
09 August 1903
05 February 1902
01 November 1906

President, General Board

Commanding, Atlantic Fleet
Superintendent, Naval Academy
Waiting Orders
Special Duty, Navy Department
Commanding 2nd Squadron, Atlantic Fleet
Commandant, Navy Yard, League Island
Superintendent, Naval Training Service
Commandant, Navy Yard, Boston
Chairman, Lighthouse Board
Commanding, Asiatic Fleet
Commandant, Navy Yard, Portsmouth
President, Naval Examining & Retiring Boards
Superintendent, Naval Observatory
Commandant, Navy Yard, Mare Island
Commanding, Philippine Squadron, Asiatic Fleet
Naval War College, Special Duty
Commandant, Navy Yard, Puget Sound
Commandant, Navy Yard, Norfolk
Commandant, Naval Station, Hawaii
Commanding, Pacific Squadron
President, Board of Inspection & Survey
To Command 4th Division, Atlantic Fleet

Chief, Bureau of Equipment
Chief, Bureau of Steam Engineering
Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Chief, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts
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