Shore Stations - January 1, 1907
Portsmouth, NH

Navy Yard and Station
Rear Admiral William Mead - Commandant

Captain Corwin Rees - Captain of the Yard

Medical Director George Bradley - Naval Hospital, In Command of

Colonel Paul St. C. Murphy - Marine Barracks

Chief Bosn. William Hill - SOUTHERY (receiving ship)

Boston, MA

Navy Yard and Station
Rear Admiral Albert Snow - Commandant  

Captain Uriah Harris - Captain of the Yard

Capt. William Potter - General Inspector, USS VERMONT (under construction)

Captain Harrison Colby - Navy Recruiting Rendevous

Medical Director Howard Wells - Naval Hospital, Chelsea, In Command of

Colonel Thomas Wood - Marine Barracks

Captain John Hawley - USS WABASH (Receiving Ship)

Newport, (Naragansett Bay) RI

Naval Station
Rear Admiral Charles Thomas - Superintendent, Naval Training Service

Medical Inspector Lucien Heneberger - Naval Hospital, In Command of

Major Theodore Kane - Marine Barracks

Commander Frank Sawyer - USS CONSTELLATION (receiving ship)

Training Station
Commander Frank Sawyer - Commandant

Naval War College
Captain John Merrell - President

Torpedo Station
Commander Albert Gleaves - Inspector of Ordnance in Charge

New York, NY

Navy Yard and Station
Rear Admiral Joseph Coghlan (ret) - Commandant

Captain William Reeder - Captain of the Yard

Captain Daniel Stuart - Navy Recruiting Rendevous

Commander Harry Hosley - Supervising Harbor, New York

Lt. Commander William Maxwell - Naval Magazine, Iona Island

Medical Director George Harmon - Naval Hospital, In Command of

Lt. Colonel James Mahoney - Marine Barracks

Captain George Day - USS HANCOCK (Receiving Ship)

League Island (Philadelphia), PA

Navy Yard and Station
Rear Admiral Joseph Craig - Commandant

Commander Frank Wilner - Captain of Yard (ordered)

Captain John Collins - Navy Recruiting Rendevous

Capt. Charles Vreeland - General Inspector, USS KANSAS (under Construction)

Commander Richard Hughes - Naval Magazine, Fort Miflin

Medical Director Manly Simons - Naval Hospital, In Command of

Rear Admiral Nicoll Ludlow (ret) - Governor, Naval Home, Philadelphia

Colonel Randolph Dickins - Marine Barracks

Captain James Miller - USS LANCASTER (Receiving Ship)

Annapolis, MD

Naval Academy
RADM James Sands - Superintendent

Captain George Calvocoresses - Commandant of Midshipmen

Lt. Colonel Franklin Moses - Marine Barracks and School of Application

Washington, DC

Navy Yard and Station
Captain Eugene Leutze - Commandant of Yard and Station and Superintendent of Naval Gun Factory

Captain Edward Qualtrough - Captain of the Yard??

Medical Director Thomas Streets - Naval Hospital, In Command of

Medical Director John Boyd - Naval Medical School Hospital, In Command of

Lt. Colonel George Barnett - Marine Barracks

Naval Ordnance Proving Grounds, Indian Head, MD
Lieutenant Commander Joseph Strauss - Inspector in Charge

Norfolk, VA

Navy Yard and Station
Rear Admiral Robert Berry - Commandant

Captain Albion Wadhams - Captain of the Yard

Captain John Hubbard - (ordered as) General Inspector, USS MINNESOTA (under construction)

Medical Inspector Philip Lovering - Naval Hospital, In Command of

Colonel Littleton Waller - Marine Barracks

Captain Albert Dillingham - USS FRANKLIN (Receiving Ship)

Naval Magazine, St. Julien's Creek
Capt. Albert Mertz - In Charge

Charleston, SC

Naval Station
Captain George Dyer - Commandant

Port Royal, SC

Naval Station
Captain George Dyer - Commandant

Captain William Harllee, USMC - Marine Barracks

Key West, FL

Naval Station
Captain William Beehler - Commandant

Captain Wirt McCreary, USMC - Marine Detachment, Dry Tortugas

Pensacola, FL

Naval Station
Captain George Bicknell  - Commandant

Surgeon Francis Wieber - Naval Hospital, In Command of

Capt. George van Orden, USMC - Marine Barracks

Culebra, PR

Naval Station
Lt. Commander George Salisbury - Commandant

Captain Franklin Moses, USMC - Marine Barracks

San Juan, PR

Naval Station
Commodore Karl Rohrer (ret) - Commandant

Surgeon Charles Stokes - Naval Hospital, In Command of

Colonel Harry White - Marine Barracks

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Naval Station
Lt. Commander Albert Ackerman - Commandant


Lt. Colonel Constantine Perkins - Marine Battalion

Great Lakes, IL

Naval Training Station
Captain Albert Ross - Commandant

New Orleans, LA

Naval Station
Rear Admiral Frederic Singer (ret) - Commandant

Captain Rush Wallace, Jr., USMC - Marine Barracks

Mare Island, CA

Navy Yard and Station
Rear Admiral Henry Lyon - Commandant

Captain Alexander McCrackin - Captain of the Yard

Commander Charles Pond - Naval Magazine

Medical Director Remus Persons - Naval Hospital, In Command Of

Lt. Colonel Lincoln Karmany - Marine Barracks

Captain Giles Harber - USS INDEPENDENCE (Receiving Ship)

San Francisco, CA

Training Station
Captain James H. Bull - Commanding Station & USS PENSACOLA (Training Ship)

Puget Sound, WA

Navy Yard
Rear Admiral William Burwell - Commandant

Commander Vincendon Cottman - Captain of the Yard

Surgeon John Dennis - Naval Hospital, In Command of

Major Joseph Pendleton - Marine Barracks

Commander Francis Sherman - USS PHILADELPHIA (receiving ship)

Sitka, TA

Passed Assistant Surgeon Allan Stuart - Naval Hospital, In Command of

Captain Leof Harding, USMC - Marine Barracks

Pearl Harbor, TH

Naval Station
Rear Admiral Samuel Very - Commandant

Midway Islands

2nd. Lt. Maurice Shearer - Marine Detachment

Island of Guam

Naval Station
Commander Templin Potts - Commandant and Island Governor

Major Laurence Moses - Marine Barracks

Tutuila, Samoa

Naval Station
Commander Charles Moore - Commandant and Naval Governor of Samoa

Philippine Islands

Naval Station, Cavite
Commander George Peters - Commandant

Naval Station, Olongapo
Lt. Commander John Purcell - Commandant

Naval Hospital, Canacao
Surgeon Francis Nash - In Command of

Colonel William Biddle - 1st Brigade, Marines

Yokohama, Japan

Naval Hospital
Medical Inspector William DuBose - In Command Of
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