JANUARY 1, 1907
Special Service
ADAMS (CR)- Station ship, Tutuila
Cmdr. Charles Moore
ALLIANCE (SaS) - Station/Store ship, Culebra
Lt. Cmdr. George Salisbury
AMPHITRITE (M) - Station ship, Guantanamo
Lt. Cmdr. Albert Ackerman
Cmdr. James Helm
BUFFALO (CR) - Transport Duty
Cmdr. John Parker
CELTIC (SuS)- Supply Duty, Atlantic
Lt. Cmdr. Lewis Clark
COLUMBIA (PC)- Training Duty
Cmdr. John Bowyer
Lt. Cmdr. Webster Edgar
EAGLE (GB) - Surveying Duty
Lt. Cmdr. George Marvell
GLACIER (ReS) - Supply Duty, Atlantic
Cmdr. Frank Bennett
IROQUOIS (TB) - Station ship, Hawaii
Lt. Cmdr. James Carter
MAYFLOWER (CR) - Presidential Yacht
Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Long
MOHICAN (CR); - Station ship, Subig Bay
Lt. Cmdr. John Purcell
MONONGAHELA (SaS) - Store ship, Guantanamo
Lt. Cmdr. Albert Ackerman
NINA (TB) -  Tender for Submarine Torpedo Boats
Chf. Bosn. Stephen McCarthy
PEORIA (GB) - Naval Station, San Juan
Bosn. Walter Wortman
PISCATOPA (TB) - Naval Station, Cavite
Bosn. Edward Allen
Lt. Alfred Hinds
RESTLESS (GB) - Tender, Training Recruits
Bosn. John Winn
SUPPLY (SuS) - Station ship, Guam
Cmdr. Templin Plotts
Lt. Roscoe Bullmer
UNCAS (TB) - Navy Yard, Pensacola
Chf. Bosn. Edward Norcott
Chf. Bosn. John Croghan
WOMPATUCK (TB) - Naval Station, Cavite
Bosn. Herman Rahbusch
Cmdr. Henry Morrell
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ARKANSAS (M)  Naval Academy
Cmdr. Bradley Fiske
ATLANTA (PC) - Navy Yard, Norfolk
Lt. Irvin Gillis
BROOKLYN (AC)- Navy Yard, League Island
Capt. Arthur Nazro
FLORIDA (M) - Naval Academy
Cmdr. Washington I. Chambers
NEVADA (M)  Naval Academy
Cmdr. Alfred Reynolds
TEXAS (BB) - Navy Yard, Norfolk
Cmdr. George Clark
BB - Battleship  AC - Armored Cruiser  PC - Protected Cruiser
CC - Converted Cruiser CR - Cruiser  DB - Dispatch Boat
GB - Gunboat (including conversions) GBc - Composite Gunboat
GBl - Light-draft Gunboat M - Monitor ReS - Refrigerator Ship
SuS - Supply Ship SaS - Sailing Ship TB - Tugboat
DD - Torpedo-Boat Destroyer  SS - Submarine Torpedo-Boat
US Navy Photo from the Naval History and Heritage Command  On-Line Library.
As far as I know, it is in the public domain.