Flag Officers, January 1, 1913
The following is a list of the flag officers of the US Navy in January 1913. At this time had one Admiral of the Navy and 24 Rear Admirals (including 6 additional in grade,
indicated with an asterisk*) on the Active List. The list is in order of seniority. There were 147 Rear Admirals and 53 Commodores on the Retired List, but these are not listed
Active List

Admiral of the Navy George Dewey

Joseph B. Murdock
Hugo Osterhaus
Charles E. Vreeland
Aaron Ward*
William H. H. Southerland
Albert Mertz
Vincendon L. Cottman
Thomas B. Howard
Walter C. Cowles
Austin M. Knight
Charles J. Badger
Reginald F. Nicholson
Charles B. T. Moore
Alfred Reynolds
Bradley A. Fiske
George B. Ransom*
John R. Edwards*
James M. Helm*
Alber B. Willits*
Cameron McR. Winslow*
Nathaniel R. Usher
Frank F. Fletcher
Frank E. Beatty
Robert M. Doyle
Date of Rank

2 March 1899

20 November 1909
4 December 1909
27 December 1909
9 January 1910
4 May 1910
20 October 1910
7 November 1910
14 November 1910
14 January 1911
29 January 1911
8 March 1911
19 May 1911
14 June 1911
13 July 1911
3 August 1911
14 September 1911
14 September 1911
14 September 1911
14 September 1911
14 September 1911
14 September 1911
17 October 1911
27 April 1912
7 June 1912

President General and Joint Boards

Member, General and Joint Boards
Commanding, Atlantic Fleet
Air for Operations; Member Joint Board
Supervisor of New York Harbor
Commanding, Pacific Fleet
Governor, Naval Home
Commandant, Navy Yard Puget Sound & Commander, 13th Naval District
President, Naval Examining and Retiring Boards
Commandant, Naval Station, Hawaii
Commanding, Special Service Squadron
Aid for Inspections
Commanding, Asiatic Fleet
Ordered as Commandant, Naval Station, Hawaii
Commanding, Pacific Reserve Fleet
Commanding, First Division, Atlantic Fleet
General Inspector of Machinery for the Navy
President, Board of Inspection, Shore Stations
Commandant, Navy Yard Charleston & Commander, 6th Naval District
Special Duty, Navy Department
Commanding, Third Division, Atlantic Fleet
Commanding, Second Division, Atlantic Fleet
Commanding, Fourth Division, Atlantic Fleet
Commandant, Navy Yard Washington & Superintendent, Gun Factory
Commandant, Navy Yard Norfolk & Commander, 5th Naval District
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