Photographs Provided by Alex Shand
I  received several photographs concerning the activities of the Mediterranean Fleet and related activities in the early 1930's from Alexander Shand, whose father, Archie
Shand, served in the Royal Navy during this period. I have posted some of these photos elsewhere on the site,but I wanted to make the rest of the photographs available
here as a way of showing my appreciation for being allowed to use them.

All pictures on this page are used Courtesy of Alex Shand in memory of Archie Shand.
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This is a view of the French submarine Nautilus which, as the caption
indicates, was later lost with all hands.
Another view of the doomed French submarine Nautilus this time "At Larnaca".
The water polo team from HMS Vampire from the 1929-1933 period.
Christmas being celebrated aboard HMS Vampire in 1929.
This is a shooting team from HMS Royal Sovereign in the early
1930's. Archie Shand is the sailor in the middle row,
second from right.
Not really sure exactly who these sailors are, or when the photo was
taken, but it may be Edinburgh, Scotland and the rifles may be
Winchesters, which might imply US sailors on a port visit of some kind.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.