October 1, 1939
RADM Chester Nimitz
Chief of Bureau

Capt. Randall Jacobs
Assistant to the Chief of Bureau
RADM Chester Nimitz,  being relieved as COMBATDIVONE in 1939 prior to becoming Chief of
the Bureau of Navigation. His next assignment would be as CINCPAC and CINPOA during
World War II and he would finish his active career as Chief of Naval Operations with the rank
of Fleet Admiral. Photo from the Naval History and Heritage Command On-Line Library.
As far as I know it is in the public domain.
Naval War College - RADM Edward C. Kalbfus, President
Naval Observatory - Capt. Julius F. Hellweg (ret), Superintendent
Planning Division - Capt. Howard H. Good
Discipline Division, Officers - Capt. Lemuel E. Lindsay
Chaplain Division - Capt. Robert D. Workman (ChC)
Transportation Division - Cmdr. Charles D. Leffler, Jr.
Inspection - Cmdr. Ratcliffe C. Welles
Training Division - Capt. J. W. McClaran, Director
*Officers - Cmdr. F. U. Lake
*Enlisted Personnel - Lt. Cmdr. W. E. Moore
*Morale - Cmdr. S. H. Hurt
*Financial Section - Lt. Cmdr. R. H. Sullivan (SC)
Officer Personnel Division - Capt. Harold C. Train
*Detail Section - Capt. Frank J. Lowry
*Records Section - Cmdr. Lloyd J. Wiltse
Naval Reserve Division - Capt. Felix Gygax, Director
*Maintenance Section - Capt. J. A. Schofield (D-O), USNR
*Inspection Section - Capt. H. B. Riebe
*Training Section - Cmdr. J. B. Lynch, USNR
*Personnel and Records Section - Lt. Cmdr. W. S. G. Davis
Enlisted Personnel Division - Capt. H. J. Abbott, Director
*Executive and Planning Section - Cmdr. H. M. Briggs
*Discipline Section - Cmdr. D. Browne
*Discharge Section - Lt. M. H. Bailey
*Detail Section - Cmdr. A. M. Bledsoe
*Records and Statistical Section - Lt. Cmdr. C. B. Hatch, USNR
*Recruiting Section - Cmdr. J. C. Jones, Jr.

Navy Recruiting Stations

Northeastern Recruiting Division (HQ, New York) - Cmdr. J. C. Jones, Jr.
*Boston - Lt. J. A. Glick
*Springfield, Massachusetts - Lt. Cmdr. F. J. Firth
*New Haven - Lt. W. B. Davidson
*Albany - Lt. Cmdr. W. O. Roenicke
*New York City - Lt. Cmdr. C. O. Humphreys
*Buffalo - Lt. Cmdr. W. G. Eaton
*Philadelphia - Cmdr. J. H. Brown
*Pittsburgh - Lt. Cmdr. M. C. Barrett

Central Recruiting Division (HQ, Chicago) - Cmdr. P. A. Stevens
*Chicago - Lt. Cmdr. J. E. Root, Jr.
*Cincinnati - Lt. Cmdr. P. M. Gunnell
*Cleveland - Lt. O. K. O'Daniel
*Meridian, Ohio - Lt. Cmdr. J. C. Shively
*Detroit - Lt. Cmdr. E. I. McQuiston
*Louisville - Lt. Cmdr. C. R. Woodson
*Des Moines - Lt. Cmdr. D. L. Jones
*St. Louis - Lt. G. B. Helmick
*Omaha - Lt. H. E. Peifer
*Kansas City - Lt. G. R. Berner, Jr.
*Minneapolis - Lt. L. J. S. Aitkens

Southern Recruiting Division (HQ, New Orleans) - Cmdr. J. D. Alvis
*New Orleans - Lt. Cmdr. H. F. McGee
*Birmingham - Lt. Cmdr. R. B. Miller
*Nashville - Lt. Cmdr. F. R. Walker
*Dallas - Lt. W. B. Cranston
*Houston - Lt. Cmdr. W. V. Michaux
*Little Rock - Lt. F. A. Ford

Southeastern Recruiting Division (HQ, Baltimore) - Cmdr. G. C. Kriner
*Richmond - Lt. Cmdr. A. E. Becker, Jr.
*Washington, DC - Lt. Cmdr. R. W. Hughes (MC)
*Macon, Georgia - Lt. Cmdr. E. E. Elmore
*Baltimore - Lt. Cmdr. K. A. Thieme
*Raleigh - Lt. A. S. Joyner, Jr.

Western Recruiting Division (HQ, San Francisco) - Capt. R. S. Culp
*Denver - Lt. Cmdr. C. M. Johnson
*Salt Lake City - Lt. Cmdr. Thomas D. Wilson
*Los Angeles - Cmdr. E. P. Sauer
*Portland - Lt. Cmdr. L. B. Stuart
*Seattle - Cmdr. A. J. Byrholdt

Hydrographic Office - Capt. George S. Bryan, Hydrographer of the Navy

Branch Hydrographic Offices

Baltimore - Lt. Cmdr. G. R. Bostain
Boston - Capt. B. H. Green
Buffalo - Lt. E. H. Webb
Chicago - Lt. R. E. Canty
Cleveland - Lt. J. R. Haskin, Jr.
Detroit - Lt. Cmdr. C. R. Crandall
Duluth, Minnesota - inactive reserve officer in charge
Galveston - Lt. Cmdr. A. E. Freed
Honolulu - Lt. Cmdr. E. Kirby-Smith, Jr.
New Orleans - Lt. Cmdr. R. D. Edwards
New York City - Capt. W. Baggaley
Norfolk - ?????
Philadelphia - Capt. R. B. Coffey
Portland, Oregon - Lt. G. Knuepfer
San Juan, Puerto Rico - Lt. R. C. Brown
San Francisco - Capt. J. J. London
San Pedro, California - Capt. R. B. Coffman
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan - Lt. J. M. Smith
Savannah - Lt. R. P. Erdman
Seattle - Cmdr. Otto M. Forster
RADM William R. Furlong
Chief of Bureau

Captain Henry T. Markland
Assistant to the Chief of Bureau
Progress, Legislation, & Patents Section - Capt. Andrew C. Bennett
Special Board on Naval Ordnance - Capt. G. L. Schuyler
Mines & Nets Section - Capt. H. E. Fischer
Maintenance & Operating Sections - Capt. Mervyn S. Bennion
Supply Section - Cmdr. F. H. Dean
Experimental Section - Cmdr. Gilbert C. Hoover
Plans & Priorities Section - Cmdr.A. G. Robinson
Gun Section - Cmdr. W. M. Moses
Fire-Control Section - Cmdr. A. F. France, jr.
Design & Machinery Sections - Cmdr. F. T. Spellman
Armor & Projectile Section - Cmdr. C. E. Braine, jr.
Ammunition Section - Cmdr. R. W. Holsinger
Torpedo Section - Lt. Cmdr. C. O. Glasson
Turret-Mount Section - Lt. Cmdr. A. F. Converse
Gun-Mount Section - Lt. Cmdr. A. E Uehlinger
Aviation Ordnance Section - Lt. Cmdr. Dan V. Gallery
RADM Samuel M. Robinson
Engineer-in-Chief and Coordinator of Shipbuilding

Captain James M. Irish
Assistant to the Chief of Bureau
Inspector General - Capt. H. M. Cooley
Research & Investigation - Capt. L. P. Smith
Operation & Maintenance Division - Capt. H. G. Donald
Progress Officer - Cmdr. G. H. Wood
Design & Construction Division - Cmdr. P. H. Dunbar, Jr.
Personnel Office - Cmdr. D. H. Clark
Budget Officer - Lt. Cmdr. J. E. Hamilton
War Plans Office - Lt. Cmdr. H. W. Turney
Radio & Sound Division - Lt. Cmdr. Jennings B. Dow
RADM John Towers
Chief of Bureau

Captain Marc Mitscher
Assistant Chief of Bureau
Personnel Division - Capt. George D. Murray
Plans Division - Capt. Dewitt C. Ramsey
Aeronautical Board - Cmdr. A. M. Pride
Flight Division - Cmdr. Alfred E. Montgomery
Administration - Lt. Cmdr. Stanhope Ring
Financial Division - Capt. E. A. Cobey (SC)

MATERIAL BRANCH - Capt. Sydney M. Kraus
Airship Division - Capt. G. Fulton
Engineering Division - Cmdr. Frederick W. Pennoyer. Jr.
Maintenance Division - Cmdr. Felix Stump
Procurement Division - Cmdr. Lawrence B. Richardson
Aviation Medical Research Unit - Cmdr. J. R. Poppen (MC)
NOTE: Information on the remaining Bureaus was lost when my original Geocities site went down. I _may_ have the source material available - as time
allows I will try to post the information.
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