With the demise of Geocities in October 2009 I needed to move my web site "Navy in Peacetime", originally created in 2001, which sought to detail the organization of the US
and Royal Navies at various points in their history. This site is the result. I will gradually repost all the information located at my old site and hopefully find the time to post
new information as well.

As with my original web page, I readily admit to not being an artistic person, so the layout of these pages will be very basic. I will make every effort to add appropriate
pictures and graphics, with an emphasis on ship pictures from the same era as the pages they appear on. (In other words, no pictures of USS COLORADO from 1943
should appear in the 1923 Fleet listings). If anyone has public domain images they would like to submit, I'd be happy to use them.

I will make every effort to correct typos and outright errors, and appreciate those of you who point out any mistakes found on these pages. In some cases, my sources do
not list the names of certain commanders. If you have that info, I'd love to replace the "??????" currently being used. Eventually I hope to put up a Links page, and would be
happy to list any relevant sites. Well, that's my ramblings, enjoy the site and
let me know what you think!

I have been adding and updating information on World War II Submarine commanders. In addition, I have posted a page on the 1825 USN and 1839 USN Commanders, both
of which were researched by Jürgen Döscher. These are both pdf files which require the free Adobe Reader to view. (9/28/13)
I added most of the USN Atlantic Fleet from April 1919. (10/1/13) Minor update 4/6/2020.

1807 Ships
1815 Navy Register
1825 Ships (research by Jürgen Döscher)
1836 Navy Register
1837 Navy Register
1839 Senior Officers (research by Jürgen Döscher)
1840 Ships
1863 Admirals
1866 Fleet Organization
1892 Fleet Organization
1896 Fleet Organization
1899 Fleet Organization
1907 Fleet Organization
1912 Fleet Review
1913 Fleet Organization
1919 Atlantic Fleet (partial - minor update 4/6/2020)
1923 Fleet Organization
1933 Fleet Organization
1939 Fleet Organization
1940 Fleet Organization
1941 Fleet Organization
1943 Fleet Organization (new Feb 2014)
World War II Submarines
1970 Flag/General Officers

1854 Ships
1906 Fleet Organization
1932 Fleet Organization
1937 Fleet Organization

AEF Commanders
1835 Revenue Cutter Service
1893 Navy Review
US Army 1896
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